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    Has anyone found a decent price on the Toyota 16"x6" steel wheels (42601-60262-03). I need five for the truck (HJ61) and three for the trailer so at the local quoted price of $193 per wheel is gets very expensive very quickly. I have heard that a 1980 or so FJ40 wheel will work as well but I have to confirm that. Basically, I need tough 16" wheels (with 235/85's) that can stand up to a year bouncing along rough African roads.

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    Might try Onur Azeri, parts manager at Larry H. Miller Toyota in Albuquerque. He ships internationally and IIRC his discount is ~25% off of the true Toyota list price (as opposed to the sky-high prices frequently reported from Canadia). (505) 332-6508

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    Are you sure that part number is correct. On toyodiy that number comes up as light duty 70 series or hilux wheel.I think these have a slightly different offset,but still usable.
    A 60 series takes the same rim as a heavy duty 7* series landcruiser.
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    Maybe check with another dealer, or confirm they are quoting you on the correct part number. I bought a set of 5 of these exact wheels a couple years ago for my 80 series, list price was $80 per wheel, then 10% off for land cruiser assoc. membership. This was one of the few parts from Toyota that was actually cheaper in Canada (I usually order out of the US). Close to triple the price 2 years later is hard to believe! Good luck!


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