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    Ever since I purchased my Slee rear bumper with the single tire swing out, I have been searching for an elegant solution to carrying extra gas and water. I don’t do this enough to warrant the 2nd Slee ladder swing out. Also, having two swing outs becomes a hassle since my Cruiser is my daily driver and all of those mall runs require constant access to the rear, which means unlatching the swingouts which is a pain.

    I came across a solution from Vector Off-road primarily built for Jeeps. They recently developed an “Exo Rack” that handles the carrying of RotoPax water/Fuel/Storage containers by attaching a rack to the spare tire mount. The website does not list the 100 series 5 X 1.50mm lug pattern as an option, so I contacted Keith to ask him if it would fit. Keith said it may fit, but if it didn’t it would only take an additional hole drilled to make it work.

    Based on this info, I decided to order the rack. I was able to make it fit with the drilling of one hole. It fits like a champ. I’m running 285/75/16 tires. When I ordered it, I selected the “2.5 Bolt Pattern Length (3-4” wms to far tire edge). There is a measuring procedure that is outlined on the site as to how to get the correct fit based on the tire/wheel combination.

    I have ordered two two gallon RotoPax containers from Keith and they should arrive soon. I’m looking forward to testing this setup out on a Mojave Rd / Death Valley trip in the near future.

    After showing these photos to Keith, he said the following: "we will add the hole pattern to our next run of parts when our existing stock is depleted" so this will mean off the shelf support for 100 Series Land Cruisers.
    Here is where you can order the Epo Rack from:
    99 100 Land Cruiser - Stock Except for 285/75/16 BFG's, Powder Coated Wheels

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    Nice to see another option available!
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