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Thread: Homemade Offroad Teardrop Trailer- $1750 OBO - VA

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    Default Homemade Offroad Teardrop Trailer- $1750 OBO - VA

    Homemade Offroad Teardrop Trailer- $1750 OBO

    Located in Norfolk, VA

    Over all dimensions are roughly 190"L x 82"H x 90"W
    Interior dimensions are roughly 50"W x 90"L

    1200lbs, maybe

    3500lbs Axle with Toyota bolt pattern, Full Size mattress, Heater, 10.5 gallon water tank, stairs, stabilizers. Large storage area in rear. Seams need to be resealed, small leaks in heavy rain.

    Comes with 31" BFG all terrain tires (tires in pictures are 35")

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    OBO guys, make me an offer.

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    TTT, I am open to ALL offers.

    If the "leaking" part scares you let me explain. Normal afternoon shower, no big deal. Heavy mid-Atlantic severe thunderstorm and there are small (can't see water moving just the color change on the wood) on a couple of the seams. I was going to sand off the paint and fiberglass the seams to fix it (would only take a day, maybe two max and around 100 bucks from my local boat shop) but I don't have time. I'm moving and have a kid on the way.

    I have towed the trailer 4 hours from the coast to the mountains on the VA/WV line and to Raush Creek (6-7 hours) a couple of times. Tracks straight, can't even tell it is behind my Tacoma. I would guess it weighs in at just under 1000lbs with almost all the weight from the frame, axle, tires.

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    Great looking teardrop.... Have you tried posting on TW, TTORA, Etc.
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    It is posted quite a few places now. It is also listed now for just under what I spent on materials alone.

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    If I hadn't just bought a house I'd be on my way to you. Great looking setup.

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    bump. $3000, that is less than what I spent on materials to build it.

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