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Thread: Praise for Lexus GX470, GX460

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    Default Praise for Lexus GX470, GX460

    Praise for the USA version of the Prado! The Lexus GX470 and newer GX460 are based on the Prado. These models are quite capable off-road right off the showroom floor. If you want more, the Prado is well supported by ARB and other Australian manufacturers.

    Prices for some used Lexus GX470 models are below $20K now.

    There are a few build threads for GX470 on ExPo, including

    And here's a forum member's build, on another site

    A few notes about Lexus GX series

    based on Toyota Land Cruiser Prado four door
    body on frame construction
    independent front suspension
    V8 engine, automatic transmission
    full time four wheel drive, two speed transfer case
    air suspension for rear axle
    luxurious interior

    2002 - 2009
    Lexus GX470
    based on 3rd generation Prado
    4.7L V8, 320 ft lb of torque
    5 speed automatic transmission
    tire 265/65R17, all terrain tread

    EPA 14/18 mpg
    23 gallon fuel tank
    USA models have spare under the chassis. Australian models have spare on the rear door, making space for a second gas tank

    Wheelbase 110 in
    Length 188 in
    Width 74 in
    Height 75 in
    Curb weight 4,871 lb
    cargo capacity 1,329 lb

    rear air suspension standard
    Adaptive Variable Suspension (continuously adjusts shock absorber firmness)
    Downhill Assist Control

    tow rating 5000 lb
    3rd row seating optional, only for very small kids

    2004 Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) optional (hydraulic adjust to stabilizer bars)
    2005 Sport model, KDSS standard

    2009 - 2012
    Lexus GX460
    based on 4th generation Prado
    4.6L V8, 329 lb ft of torque
    six speed automatic
    center locking differential
    265/60R18 tires, all terrain tread

    EPA 15/20 mpg
    23 gallon fuel tank

    Wheelbase 112.2 in
    Length 190 in
    Width 74 in
    Height 74 in
    Curb weight 5305 lb
    Cargo capacity 1295 lb

    KDSS standard
    Adaptive Variable Suspension
    Rear Adjustable Height Control air suspension optional
    Crawl Control
    Downhill Assist Control
    Active Traction Control (ATRAC)

    tow rating 6500 lb
    3rd row of seating not easily removed

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    Thanks for the GX love!
    Just to whet your appetite, here is a ;little pic of my build in progress. Full build Write up coming soon, once life gets out of the damn way!
    So far:
    Falken AT tires, Icon Vehicle Dynamics rear shocks and front coil-overs. Overall lift 2 1/2". Full length skid plates underneath from Asfir4x4, Baja Rack that we designed for the GX and soon to be in production, IronMan snorkel and bumper (color coded) winch with synthetic line and factor 55 thimble.
    new bumper1.jpg
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    I got in on it too. I am have done a lot to mine, Iron Man front, snorkel, winch, lift. I had custom sliders built and installed a full set of ASFIR aluminum skids. I am also in the queue with ACC Toyota here in Atlanta to built out a tire carrier rear bumper. Near future mods are a full EBC brake set, RCV axles, heavy duty tie rods, and side plastic flare removal and bedliner a la the TrailX. I will be swapping in a locker in the rear next year and considering a solid axle up front as well.


    GXs rock!
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    The GX is a great truck. I will add a few items:

    First GX470 was 2003
    I love the KDSS, but nothing fits. The other guys without have been able to use over the counter parts. I have to get everything custom made(sliders/skids the new ARB's for KDSS do not work). That said, I would not trade mine for one without.
    Airbags are an issue with a lift. I know of at least one other person that has popped an airbag off after a lift. I changed over to OME coils and love them.
    The rear gate door. I like mine, but some others have not. It does open the wrong way.
    The 2005's got a slightly different engine. I have heard that it gets better gas milage.

    I got rearended a few weeks ago, so I am using the money for a custom built bumper from Hunter Off-road. It should be going in after Labor Day.

    I love the 80 series, but the GX is about the same size and in my case the V8 beats out the front S/A.

    2003 SMB 7.3 PSD RB50 Quigley (The Yeti)
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    2006 Casita SD (so old lady will camp with me)

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    I swapped to coils as well, love it. I also did some cool techie stuff with an I kit and a GROM audio integration kit. I should have the rear bumper, side flares, rework on front done in sept.

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    DanKunz, do you have a build thread anywhere? Or a site that shares photos of your GX?

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    I put it in the LC Forum in honor of the Prado heritage :P

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    We had a couple of brand new 04 Prados when I was in Kuwait. Loved them! They also had a huge gas tank, I think it was around 45 gallons (225 liters) - the digital display on the dash often gave a projected range of 1200km (about 750 miles!)

    I notice that while the Prado had the spare tire on the back door, the GX has it under the body. Since I'm assuming the GX doesn't have the 45 gallon fuel capacity that the Prado does, I wonder if the spare tire on the GX sits where the spare fuel tank on the Prado is? Anyone know?
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    I suspect that is so...and I was looking into it myself for future mods...would have to be armored to store fuel back there.

    This should fit:

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    Have any of you considered a Kaymar rear bar for the OZ spec Prado?
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