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Thread: U500 VS 2450/L38 (new vs. old)

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    Its on my CD that came with my Mog.

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    What publication is this page from?

    There are quite a few companies that deal with new and second hand Mogs in the UK probably all of which could advise you on frame stretching possibilities. Mogs are very variable within each model type, so looking at quite a few may help, and Atkinson Vos have possibly the biggest yard with the biggest range and quantity of both for sale Mogs as well as customers trucks being worked on at that time if you wanted to spend a day looking. I've also been equally helpfully advised by South Cave Tractors and Arthur Ibbetts who both gave up half a day each, but when I visited they both had a couple whereas AV usually have 20-30ish to dribble over. AV aren't a Merc dealer though. You could also peruse in both the over and under 7.5t section as well as the camper (4x4) section to get an idea of what a Mog can be made into.

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