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Thread: What are you guys using for boots?

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    Default What are you guys using for boots?

    Just curious, but what are you guys most commonly using for boots? Full blown offroad boots? Adventure touring boots? Road biased footwear?
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    Most guys here use MX boots or full offroad. I use BMW GS boots

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    I use Asolo hiking boots. Im about to also buy a pair of Alico's and waterproof them.
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    I use Gaerne G-Adventures. I have only been riding for 2 years, and never rode dirtbikes as a kid. I had some A-Stars Tech 3s and found them to difficult to ride in due to the stiffness of them. The Gs don't offer as much ankle protection, but they are more suited than a "normal" boot. I will occasionally wear a hiking boot when commuting (like today).

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    Lace up work boots, currently Wolverine brand.

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    I typically wear an older pair of Sidi Discovery II's.

    If the trip is limited to pavement or graded dirt roads & also includes more than just casual walking around while taking breaks, I'll wear my hiking boots (which cover the ankle).
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    Default Work Boots

    I wear lace up 8" work boots, steel shank, and steel toe along with an Aerostich Darien pants and coat with pads. I crashed earlier this summer on a single track and pushed a foot peg thru my shin to the bone. Didn't really notice until the blood soaked my pants and was running out the bottom of my leg. Whether a MC boot would have stopped that or not is questionable. It did not tear my Darien Pants and when I pulled the pants up the blood was squirting with each beat.
    I have been looking at MC boots for some time and not totally sold on the concept. I also cracked two ribs and suffered what the Dr. called soft tissue damage on my leg. All with out tearing my gear. It was not one crash, but numerous get offs on the same weekend.
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    Oakley Sabot Mids. Lightweight, breathable, supportive and uber comfie for my paddles. $100. The only negative: Since I literally wear them everyday I only get about 8-months out of the sole tread. But in addition to Land Cruiser camping...that also includes some rock trail hiking, hunting, hiking to fishing spots, etc.
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    Loving the Alpinestars Scout boot....
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    Used to wear Vasque Wasatach GTXs.

    Made primarly for hiking, they are awesome in cool to cold weather (gortex and near waterproof), but don't breathe well, and can get heavy.

    Loved them for five years until they started growing things.
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