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    Default WTB: Search and Rescue 24-Hour Pack Goodies...

    Hi Guys:

    We (met wife and I) are taking SAR Tech II test on November 9 in San Luis Obispo, CA. We are finalizing the items in our 24-hour packs. There are some things we still need, and I thought I'd list them out here if anybody wants to donate/sell their old or unused 24-hour pack items to me and Mrs. Bee.

    What we still need:
    • compass
    • carabineers
    • signal mirrors
    • trekking sticks (or tracking sticks)
    • gaiters
    • first-aid items
    • light sticks

    Not all of these are required for NASAR, but are required in our we are tested on them. If anybody is getting out of SAR and wants to pass their stuff along, we will gladly buy it.

    Thanks guys. It is nice to see more SAR activity here. I have looked for other SAR forums and there is very little information out there unless you get hooked up with a unit. Let's keep the conversation going...


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    Sign up with They will give you "pro deals" to get many of these things at a nice discount.

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    How did it go?

    A couple of thoughts. Here we double up on a few things (reduce weight), e.g. put rubber bands on your trekking poles to also use as tracking sticks, use a compass with a sighting mirror doubles as a signaling mirror.

    Some items on the STII list are not kept in the pack beyond the test (are not on one of the Teams pack lists) so they go into a test baggy that is kept and passed on to the next STII group testing, e.g. quarters, wire, etc.


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