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    Chrysler and Fiat executives are in talks with Chinese partners to build Jeeps in China. Jeep has a history of assembling vehicles in China, and they export some models to China today. But now they're talking about manufacturing the iconic vehicles in the People's Republic.

    The Jeeps made in China will be sold there. Jeeps for USA will continue to be built in Ohio. (Of course, that's what you'd expect Chrysler to say at this point. When a Wrangler Rubicon from China costs $10K less than a Wrangler Rubicon from Ohio, consumers will start wondering if that's a good idea.)

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    At least I know my fleet was made in the U.S.A.

    Just picked up the '52 CJ3A this week. $200, and I drove it home! (it was only a mile, but it was fun!)

    That one was made here, and all of it's parts were made here also!

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    when oh when will the US consumer learn that cheap goods mean cheap jobs or no jobs here at home.
    Sure saving $10k on a vehicle sounds great, but what good will it do when there are no jobs left in the US to pay for the rest of the Jeep?

    I am not xenophobic or anything, I just think much of our success of the last 100yrs had to do with homegrown manufacturing, pride and individual responsibility....all things that are going, going gone.
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    Manufacturing in the country they are selling the vehicles makes a lot of sense and will allow jeep to be competitive in that market, exporting to china a vehicle made in the US is all well and good, but as far as I'm conserned selling more jeeps is going to be better for the company. The manufacturing in the states is coming back, but its a long way off from being internationally competitive any more

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    Jeep has a long history of assembling vehicles in countries outside of the US.

    India's Mahindra & Mahindra's first venture into automotive manufacturing was building Willys Jeeps. The M&M Thar is still very close to CJ styling.

    Pars Khodro built CJs and YJs in Iran.

    Arab American Vehicles has built Jeeps in Egypt since the 70s.

    Beijing Automobile Works made YJs and TJs and still produces vehicles based on the XJ and TJ.

    Mitsubishi built CJs in Japan from the 50s to the 90s.

    Willys Brazil made CJs was bought out by Ford, who still made the CJs.

    I'm happy, just so long as they keep building them in the US.

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    nothing new here...
    The Jeep 2500 or as Americans know it, the Cherokee has been MADE in many countries for many years. Why all of a sudden interest?
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    I thank Jeep are made in China now and have been for years, their just assembled in Toledo. Right?
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    Actual conversation I had about my Sportster with some idiots:

    Them: Why do you ride a Harley? They aren't even really American bikes.
    Me: Its an American bike, see here, it has a 1HD VIN number which means it was assembled in Wisconsin.
    Them: Yeah but none of the parts were made in the USA. Besides, Sportsters are for "pansies" (they said something forum) because its an 883.
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    Them: Whatever.... *weeeeee weeeeeeeee weeeeeeeee* as they ride away on their plastic bikes
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