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    Default 10,000 Pound Winch & accessories at Sam's Club

    I have seen this before at Sam's Club, but not at this price, only $367.

    I found their website (Champion Power Equipment) here.

    I am VERY tempted to purchase this setup, since it has ALL the stuff I need for a portable recovery winch setup at a VERY reasonable price.

    It includes a multi-mount kit, similar (very similar, in fact) to the Warn setup. It also includes a 5' and 20' cable to provide power at the front and rear bumpers, a snatch block (not the best looking, so I may get a better one of these) and remote controller.

    The only concern I have is how reliable the winch itself is. I have not seen Champion, except at Sam's club. They sell this 10,000 lb winch and a 2,500 lb winch for ATVs at my local club. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of who the real manufacturer is? Is it a re-branded mile-marker, like some of the other new brands out there?
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