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Thread: Discovery 3 (LR3) and Discovery 4 (LR4) Registry

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    Aug 2010
    Golden, CO
    I have a 05 and have only fixed all the normal issues.
    -Brad KE0EMP
    2005 LR3-Overland rig
    2001 Discovery 4.0 grocery getter, for now!
    1998 Discovery 4.6 4-wheeling rig-Sold
    1995 Discovery expedition rig-Sold

    Member-Frontrange 4x4
    Member-Rocky mountain Overland

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    Apr 2017
    Seattle, WA
    Purchased a stock, very low mileage '15 HSE Lux with HD pack back in August. So far have put on Compomotives, FrontRunner rack, FrontRunner sump guard and travelled around 10k miles. Love this car! Have Asfir's transmission guard and air tank guard to go on, and a couple of lighting upgrades planned for the start of this year. Will sort out a second battery and interior build later in the year. Might even get to a build thread one day!


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    May 2016
    North Carolina
    Here is my stock 2011 LR4 HSE. I purchased it in July 17 but had to spend over $3000 getting multiple coolant leaks fixed

    I have taken it recently on one trail in NC and plan to get new rims (probably Compomotives), Johnson rods and the GAP dia tool.

    IMG_0778 copy.jpg

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