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    Default Recommend a light pop up with some amenities

    I'm not interested in a "off road" trailer, but a popup or hardside trailer that has a water heater and a fridge.

    I know there are some light ones out there - anyone have a particular model or year they like and or have experience with? Old is fine - I'm looking for a cheap place I can sleep, shower, and $hit until I get another RV. Obviously I'll be running a porta potty and an external shower, but a water pump and water heater are a requirement.

    I'm towing with a TJ so around 2K is my weight limit.



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    where you located? I have one with all new canvas I would sell ya cheap!
    Ron Douglas

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    California. Pm me some details.

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    Hard sides look at the Aliner, they set up super fast. If you don't have a lot of people they are great. The other one that is my favorite is: Fleetwood, the Evolution series is very sweet.


    Sorry I missed the CHEAP part, lol. That's the only reason a Evolution isn't sitting at my drive way. There are plenty of 90's model popup's that have the options you seek. Keep a look out on Craigslist. This is the time of the year to buy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Colorado Ron
    where you located? I have one with all new canvas I would sell ya cheap!
    Im in CO and might be interested, (if paradiddle isnt, hes got 1st dibs) pm me some details or pics if you have a chance
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    I've been lurking for some time. But only one pop-up comes to mind. Its similarly setup like a RTT and its the Livin'Lite Truck camper. Put this on a custom frame and adjust the frame height as necessary for clearance as well as convenience to get in/out.

    Livin'Lite Truck Camper

    Do note, they are expensive for a box that opens up (~$2500 or better). I think they would sell if they were under $2k. I looked at being a seller, but they have some requirements to represent that I couldn't commit to. Some mods to the sides of the box will gain you interior access under the benches.
    Lnxa, KS

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