Tread Lightly! has a great 2013 lined up! I'd first like to introduce myself, my name is Curt Hall (skylinerider on the forums). I recently accepted the position of Education and Stewardship Specialist at TL! I look forward to promoting responsible recreation for the organization, I'm excited at what 2013 has to offer. Here are some highlights we have going on just in this first quarter of year.
We have numerous shows and expos we will be attending:

The SHOT show in Las Vegas 1/14-1/18
Outdoor Retalier show Salt Lake City 1/23-1/26
Easter Jeep Safari 3/23-2/30

Boy Scouts of America Master Trainer courses.
BLM Master Trainer courses.
Numerous other courses coming online all the time. As always if you want a course just contact us through the website an we will make every effort to schedule a course that can work for both of us.

We've got some exciting things going on as well with our RIDE-ON campaign. make sure to look for these in the coming months.

As always remember that becoming a member of TL! comes with great benefits other than the warm fuzzy's you get from helping promote responsible recreation: Membership Details
We even have membership options for your 4x4 clubs.

We hope to have a larger presence on the forums in the coming year and hope to be able to further the cause of responsible recreation throughout the year.