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Thread: Customized Kamparoo Offroad Popup Camper!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevint View Post
    I like that the water tank is out of the way in front providing more ground clearance although I really like the storage space in mine.

    What are you doing with the space between the fridge box and the camper body?
    Yeah, I sacrificed the storage space in the well for some additional clearance / protection / balance over the axles. Honestly though, after seeing how tall the lift actually turned out to be I probably wouldn' have had an issue with keeping the tank in front of the storage well. That interior storage is nice...

    The space between the fridge box and camper was sized and intended for a couple of items, primarily for my Jerry cans but also for a 2ft aluminum stepladder as well as camp chairs. It's a nice space to just toss items in without a tie down and not worry about them falling out. All it required was moving the fridge box forward approx 9-10 inches and adding the aluminum plate floor and sides - pretty simple.

    But this brings up a point that I don't think I followed through enough with in regards to tongue weight (and relates to moving that fridge box forward towards the tongue). I had asked Glen to make the tongue weight approx 7-8% which was a recommendation for offroad trailers, he did this by moving the axle forward prior to welding it to the frame. But I think with the movement of the fridge box forward and the weight of that box / fridge that my tongue weight is over that percentage. Just another consideration if someone else goes down this route, keep an eye on the tongue weight as it will help when offroad.

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    Good idea on the step ladder. It will come in handy when you want to zip on the awning. I carry one too.

    I think mine is a little tongue heavy too with the water and 20 lb propane tanks full and the kitchen box fully loaded inside and on top where I carry my batteries.

    I also like the lift. I don't know why I didn't think to ask about that.

    You've put amazing thought into yours, I must say.

    2011 Ford F-150 FX4
    2012 Kamparoo Transcontinental

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    Thanks, much appreciated! I look forward to testing it out further in the future...

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    i believe 'step ladders' are being referred to as 'tactical ladders' these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loren85022 View Post
    i believe 'step ladders' are being referred to as 'tactical ladders' these days.
    I've also heard that drug dealers are now referred to as 'unlicensed pharmacists'. It's all about the branding...

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