63 yrs old, divorced - wife never liked wheeling or camping, anyway...lol. Wheeled solo for years, but joined local TLC club around 2009 and have enjoyed club and TLCA sanctioned runs since.

RVing with my TLC or Mini in tow; overlanding with ROF group; Hiking; studing The Holy Bible
Eastern OR USA
Which COUNTRY or PLANET outside of the USA would you like to visit the most? OUTSIDE OF "United States".
What's your current location (zipcode or city)?
Retired Field Service & IT Tech
What vehicle do you drive or ride? Tell us about your dream overland vehicle! Please be specific - put BRAND and MODEL, 2 words minimum or your registration will not be approved
1994 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series, Overland setup
Define "Overland"
Traveling pt to pt on land



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