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  • Yes, they install the 50 and have the conversion completely dialed in. These guys have built trophy trucks and their craftsmanship is way better than anything I've seen from other conversion companies.

    I can't help you out on a price because I had Agile Off-Road install a 14 Bolt rear at the same I brought all my own parts, and my van was already a 4x4 when I dropped it off.
    Hey man!

    I was going to go with the U-Joint kit but found a better option. I had Agile Off-Road swap out my straight axle (leaf sprung) for a TTB set up with coils. It is so much better! I've got around 5 inches of up travel and 6 inches of droop. It handles great on the road too. I wouldn't go any other way.
    Hey EP.Anyone with ford e250 body swap or frame swap experience??any 1st hand experiences would be appreciated.Plan is a 75 extended camper/ high top to 1979 QUADRAVAN Chasis.#1 reason is smog law(mo power) #2 registration cost of an "RV"<#3 Insurance <.I have not found any in So Cal with 138" wheel base,Soooo just asking if anyone has used a 75extended body?? Thanks
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