Owen and MAK, a wife/husband team, have been living and working from the road since April 2016. As designers, illustrators, animators, and photographers their work is driven by their mobile lives. MAK & Owen are firm believers that life is too short, and this world is too beautiful to sit still. So, they took to a life on the road in search of adventure and inspiration for their work. During their travels they fill their time seeking new experiences through rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, swimming, surfing, and documenting the journey. With strong arts backgrounds, keen eyes for design and adventure, and a constant need to keep pushing the boundaries they curate and create a culmination of the beauty of the outdoors and a boundless sense of freedom.
On the road
Designer + Illustrator + Animator
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Toyota Tundra with FWC Hawk




Full time travelers in a Tundra + FWC
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