Brayden is a Vancouver based lifestyle, adventure and travel photographer with an insatiable hunger to explore. From the epic peaks of Patagonia to the lush tropical beaches of Mauritius, you can always find him searching for the next adventure.

In 2014, he set on his first backpacking trip throughout Latin America for six months. It was there that he realized his passions for travel and making photos. By fate, Brayden grew up in British Columbia, Canada, a place known for its natural beauty and epic mountains. Here he was able to hone in on his craft in his vast and stunning backyard. After years of dedication, he helped pave the way for and has become a pillar in the adventure photography space where he spends time connecting the community and uplifting others.

Brayden is known for his unique eye of blending landscapes with outdoor lifestyle, working with top tier brands such as Google, Marmot, Mazda, Columbia, Hyundai, The North Face along with major tourism boards and airline companies. His compelling storytelling is brought to life through incredible imagery of locations both unique and very challenging to access. Brayden strives to excite and inspire people to see what this world has to offer and his number one rule is to always have fun while doing it.
December 24
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1995 Ford F250 Diesel 4x4
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