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  • Hey Thomas... sorry for the late response to this message. I just found this message today.

    I shoot RAW images (*.CR2) to maximize the amount of image data that my image files hold. Shooting in RAW does not add color saturation and image sharpening (which is typically done behind the scenes in the camera itself when shooting in JPG on pocket cameras for example). An untouched RAW image (at least as shot by me) is drab and soft. I use Adobe Photoshop to add a little color saturation (takes very little), a little contrast (to bring out the blacks), and one or two rounds of full picture sharpening. Working on each image individually, it takes me about two minutes to brighten the image and save it to a smaller more portable format (like jpg). Typically, if it is going to be viewed on the web, I upload images that are 1200px on the longest side. I also cap these images at 400 bytes to save bloat.

    Hope that helps,
    You mentioned Treasure hunting with metal detectors. Do you have a detector? Can you recommend any at low price points that work?
    Land OPs here, Chris
    I can. Shoot me an email, so I don't forget. Does your van have the factory headliner?
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