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  • Hello... You wouldn't to have directions to that place in Pagosa Springs would you? I'm heading there in a few days with my daughter and it looks like a beautiful place I could take her.
    Yeah, we're a couple in our late 50's and as old backpackers and then whitewater rafters ( we just ran the Grand in May again in our cataraft) the hawk has been 5-star accommodations. But we've been half-heartedly looking at late model Tiger RV's which are sort of in-between the 4-Wheel Hawk camper and an Earthroamer.

    Actually Sioux and I are sort of in the same boat you are re: using our RV stuff. We bought the Ram/Hawk combo new and it only has 11,000 miles on it! :) But what the heck, if you have any sort of "vehicle profile" made up (option list, more photos, etc) email it over to me at steve.toburen@gmail.com (Don't go to any extra work- only if you have something already produced.)


    PS Interested in a very lightly used 4WD 2012 RAM 2500 SLT and a almost new and fully loaded Four Wheel Camper (Hawk model) in partial trade? :)
    Yes, if you come look at the Earthroamer you will no doubt want to buy it :) But you are so close! We are the second owners, but have only owned it for about 3 months. My husband recently took a job and we aren't going to be able to get away like we had planned when we purchased the vehicle, and now we can't justify owning it. Give a call if you want to come by. 533-7886
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