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  • That would be great- I'm always up for camping. It seems like there should be a few good spots just to the west and not as far as Atlanta.
    Tiger: I'm really looking at it. It looks like the perfect bike for what I want.

    Oh and....I completely understand: Happy Wife, Happy Life! My young lady (married for 24 years this year-) doesn't ride with me much (unfortunately) so I have a few more options.

    My email address is buckner4@gmail.com. You can get me there all the time.

    The name is Duane Buckner by the way- but I go by Buck.
    Thanks for answering up in my Tiger thread. I live just up the road in Brunswick- we'll have to swap riding routes sometime. Most of mine are as straight as a level...between rows and rows of pine trees...ha!

    Pretty cool looking Trailer and Jeep by the way.
    Thanks. Its been an ever evolving project. OEX was great. I wish I could make it next year. Unfortunately I'm stuck living in NC now so I'm not I. AZ anymore. If you ever have any questions about the Jeep or need any input, feel free to pick my brain. Looks like you already have quite the setup going on. The screen room is great! I almost regret selling mine.
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