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  • Hello jscherb,
    I don't post often on EP but it is part of my morning routine to check out the latest post. I follow you regularly and enjoy/admire all your work.

    I'm interested in the ammo can holder but have one question I can't seem to find an answer to.

    Will this product work if my JKU has the rear seat recline kit installed?

    The kit makes the seating more comfortable for my daughters.


    Lt Dan
    I don't know how far those kits recline but there's a little more than 1" clearance between the back of the seat and the ammo can with the stock seat.
    Lt Dan
    Thank you!
    I am also interested in your Trailtop components and would love to build a slide in based on the Tvan or Weekender. I worked with similar aluminum components in fire apparatus truck body manufacture.
    That's a good application for the Trailtop components. I've done a few concept drawings for slide-ins, they should be in the thread.
    Another interested party. In Tasmania. Travelling to the US and Canada next month. In what state are you living? 'TrailTop' is the missing link in the work I've been doing with CNC cut plywood (micro dwellings) with the University of Tasmania Castle project.. Very clever. Can you give me your email address?
    Harry Tams
    Hi jscherb. the modular components you are building are exactly what i have been looking for. i built a trailer top for a 4'x8' utility trailer 18 years to tow back and forth to Maine each summer. it has finally rotted out and i want to rebuild it. your corner pieces are perfect. are you making these to sell? in one post i saw a kit that would be just what i want. four rails and four corner pieces.
    I just design this stuff and build prototypes, I don't sell anything commercially. Several companies/people have talked to me about bringing the TrailTop components to market but nothing has come of those discussions yet.
    Hello Jeff. My name is Darren, I'm a Canadian, now living in Arizona. I've been looking to build an expedition trailer and I came across your TrailTop concept. I'm interested in talking to you about licensing and/or going into production. I have previously bought several products to market and have 20+ years experience in sales, marketing and eCommerce. Let's talk?
    Hey Jscherb!

    I spent quite a few hours on your various HF trailer transformation threads. I originally intended to follow your build to the end result by using the tub kit. I ended up going another route and thought i would share it with you. And thank you for putting forth the effort to not only initiate your project, but document everything along the way!


    Jeff, Where are you based out of & why are you crawling around in my brain? Awesome stuff here. I am getting ready to go to tooling on a mold (not vehicle specific but for this channel) lol….. I have many of these similar ideas & concepts. I am heavily involved in SEMA and 12V aftermarket world. We should share a burger or beer! …..maybe both…..
    I've been waitng this long. Whats a little longer. .. lol. The soft sides are the only way I could use the safari top with my setup so I will have to remain patient.
    Jeff, thank you for your contributions to all Jeepkind. I have followed your thread for the Safari Top on JF. Glad to see that it ifinally ally came to fruition. Hopefully a version hits the market that I can use on my LJ. Like your soft side version!
    I was wondering if you have ever seen anyone using fleece instead of fiberglass fabric in their projects? My trailer lid needs skined asap for a trip or it will be forced to be left behind again. The funds just make it impossible to buy a roll of fiberglass at the prices i have found.

    Lots of youtube videos showing speaker box's holding up with fleece. I figured there is something missing in fleece or every other boat would have it by now. Just seems like a bastard step-son topic on the net.

    Please share your thoughts on the matter if you have time.

    Thank you.
    Is there anyway you could make me a CJ grill conversion, I absolutely love it. I've wanted someone to come out with a kit since I got my tj. Great work!!
    Jscherb; do you know of how soon this top will be ready to come to market? I'm really interested in getting it for my Unlimited.
    Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I have licensed the design to a company that's planning to bring full- and half-cab versions of the Safari Cab design to market. Here are a few "spy photos" of their engineering prototype tops now under construction.


    Love your modular Safari top, and I know you probable have answered this question already, but are you planning on building these or is this just a proof of concept?
    If so, I would love to talk with you about building one for my 05 LJ.
    The modular application fits my needs, especially the hardtop no sides, and tieing into the roll bars...
    Let me know.
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