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  • LexusAllTerrain,
    Sorry I have been off the forum for a while... got really busy at work. Last day off was November 4th. Anyway I live in West El Paso, however I work on the East side. The winter season is going to continue to be very busy for me but I am anxious to get out and play with the truck. I have a couple of friends with similar set ups... Lets plan something.. Omar
    I see you are also located in El Paso. We need to get together some time. I have a friend named Oscar Aguilar who is also building up a 1997 LX 450. We are hoping to do our first trip next Spring. Mean while we are testing our rigs out at Red Sands and the area north of Hueco Tanks
    Thanks for the invite, however, we are on our way to FL for a few weeks. We'll be back in NM around Feb or so, then off to southern AZ for the (hopefully) Winter warmth.
    I leave for Idaho on 18 December, so if its before then I would love to get out.


    LexusALLTerrain, I recently moved to El Paso will be here until March 2012. Would love to get out and about with friends...
    Works for us let me know. We have decided to not do Split Rock but will be heading up to Mills Canyon the first or second weekend of November.
    Hey Lexas, I'm in Clovis NM and we are in the best time of year for camping in the Lincoln NF Guadalupe Mountains. I plan on a trip to the Split Rock UFO site the last weekend of October.
    I'd love to come to Mexico again. I haven't been there since I came down to climb Orizaba in '04.
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