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  • Haha, no problem! We still like our GV, although I sometimes wonder if I should have bought a JKU Sahara instead. Suzuki got me with the 0% financing, lol. The original plan was to keep the GV at least 10 years, but we'll see if we outgrow it sooner.

    I've driven a few Altimas (4dr/4cyl) and was impressed at how smooth and roomy they are. I drove them hard and still got better gas mileage than when I baby the GV! Oh well, I just wish the GV got better mileage for how gutless it is.

    Hi Martin:

    Do you not have your Grand Vitara anymore? I notice it's missing from your sig. I've had my 2011 for about 6 months and was happy to have a GV buddy on the forum. :)

    Greetings. Just read your post about NW Wyoming. My name is Redeem AKA "HWY22" I own TetonAdventureGear and we are based in Jackson. This spring we are launching our TLC Guided and Self Drive Program. Built 100, 60s and 55 TLCs for rent in the Tetons. We are mapping overland trips around Dubois - Union Pass to Green River to Pinedale - then connect to the Greys river road and finally pop out in Alpine. Also loops in the Gros Ventre Range. I always welcome any thoughts and ideas that you might be willing to share. Cheers!
    I ran across your photo essay on NE Colorado's abandoned missile sites. It brings back many old memories. I worked on most of the Titan ICBM sites in the Western U.S. when they were being activated. I was part of an AMF team that installed and monitored instrumentation that recorded the exercising of the doors and missile elevators. I am the grandson of Dr. J. A. Hoyt for whom Hoyt, Colorado was named. Small world isn't it?

    Chuck Hoyt
    Hi, Martin, Sorry :Wow1: I haven't been in touch since you headed off back home after Alvord. Hope all is well and perhaps we can do another desert trip in the future :wings:. Great meeting you and travelling with you :bike_rider:. We had a blast in the last day at Alvord (sorry we got way-layed in Gerlach [?]) and saw many more playas (Alvord) and a bunch of little ones (pond sized). Even did a bit of sand duneing at Sand Gap. Stay in touch via Google Talk/Chat and use my email address to connect. Cheers, Jan
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