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  • Hello Robert,
    Sounds like you had quite an adventure travelling around South America. It’s on my list of destinations at some point.
    As for the Tacoma, it was simply an amazing machine. I took that thing everywhere and it just kept ticking over. Every time I started it, it put a smile on my face. I’ve got some bad news about the truck though, it’s going to be crushed by Toyota due to the rust warranty issues on the frame (there’s a thread on ExPo about it). As for the price, it is reasonable considering what’s on the vehicle. I can tell you that I spent way more than $12K in aftermarket accessories, more like $25K and that’s not including the price of the truck to start with.
    I’ve been working away from home since March thus the 80 Series has been neglected. I’m about to change that!
    Hi P.
    I just came back from spending 8 months and 60,000 km traveling South America by motorcycle. The expedition/adventure travel bug has bitten and I'm thinking for moving to 4 wheels. The GS is great, but it's also a hard way to travel.

    After reading your tread of your build I see that your old Taco is still for sale in SJ. At least it's still listed. I'm in Fredericton and thinking of going down to see it if it's still on the market.

    What can you tell me about it? $12K seems a little high for a truck with close to 300k on the clock. You can reach me here, or if you prefer, via email at bobvinet@gmail.com

    How is the HRZ80 coming along?

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