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  • Hi Rattler,

    Do you have a build thread? I've got that same style Taco and would like more info on your suspension/rear bumper. Thanks!

    Would I buy another set? Without a doubt but my budget is better now and I would love to get a set of the new red-lettered General Grabbers. I would still strongly consider another set of the Wardens or maybe the next more-aggressive pattern. I ran Kumho Road Venture MTs for a couple years. Mud tires look neat but: A. Have to be rotated often or they cup and B. suck in the winter unless there is "6 of snow.

    I might consider going down one size also. I do get some frame rub in front at full-lock and I have almost "3.5 lift in the front. It could be the FJ80 wheels not having enough backspacing ("3.5 IIRC)but they are the same as any other factory Toyota 16x8 wheel.

    One of my wheeling buddy's dad has been running Treadwrights for a while. He has had 3 or 4 sets.

    Hope the info helps.
    I have been running them for a couple years now and have @ 30k on them and they are holding up great. They do seem to be heaveir than other tires but it was expected. They do seem to get a little vibration in the winter but it gos away after a couple minutes. They have been fine in the winter otherwise. I did a lot of research before buying tehm and I couldn't find anyone that owned them with something bad to say. There were a lot of naysayers about running retreads. Oh well. They must have a bigger budget than I do. It was tough to top <$600 for 5 BFG AT wannabes delivered. They balanced out fine too.
    hi Rattler,

    I was looking through the Show us your toyota thread and saw your truck, seeing that i have the same truck... or well almost i was wondering how the 285/75/16 treadwrights worked for you? im thinking about getting that size in the MTR and wasnt sure about issue with rubbing and what not.
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