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  • Yes, I've had my Outlander for 2 years. The trailer is very well built. It has been to the Arctic ocean and to the end of the Trans Taiga road in Quebec, as well as the end of the Ontario resource trail... thousands of miles of gravel road. The paint is blasted but no other problems. The open area is too exposed for my taste...but is no different than the exposure on the AT or others of this type. It could be easily protected, but I sure would not mount a refrigerator there like I have seen unless the trailer is just for show. I just have leaf springs so its bulletproof. Its for sale in RI, if you are interested I can provide more details. $3500.
    Do you have an outlander trailer? If so how do you like it? I'm searching for a trailer and I am thinking about getting one. I emailed him today about getting a custom sized one between the Sherpa and the Sherpa II. How is the workmanship? How do the like the open area? What springs did you get? Thanks
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