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  • I'm now to this site, looks like lots of good information here, am looking forward to some of the posts. I'm looking for the kit to upgrade my rokon 6hp kohler engine to the 12 hp version. Do you know if it's available? Thanks.
    I can't figure out how to send a pm on the phone. I want the fridge but live in Modesto. Where in SoCal are you going to be?

    Please reply to.
    I don't have a Rokon yet saw this bike last week and then been doing research on them. I want now. I remember when I was a kid see these around and want one in the 80's How do you know where and where you can't go. I would like to go way in the back country. Any help will and infor will be nice. Thanks Kurtis
    I'm sorry i just got this email. The chain on the rear tire is normal. I hope you got it and like it.
    Hi, I'm in the process of getting a 1968 rokon, it has been totally rebuilt and looks and sounds great. The only question I have is that the main drive chain is rubbing against the rear tire. The owner said this is normal with all rokons. Is this something I should be concerned about? Please let know if this is a small fix or not. If it's possible please email me tonite or as soon as possible at Thanks bvant
    Hey Michael, Thanks again for everything. I'll keep in touch and hopefully get you some videos so that maybe you can keep selling these things on the side or just for kicks.
    I just put my 85 scramlber on here like you suggested. could you please comment on it when you have a chance to back up that its as good as my ad says it is?

    Thanks man and I'll be taliing to you.

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