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  • Hey Matt
    Been awhile. Thought I would let you know we are planning on moving up to a series IIa 109, Jeri loves the old series but can't get the hang of manual steering and manual gear box. she wants a 109 with an automatic..more work for me.
    Any way when you see it go up for sale you will know why..it's a fun rig
    I talked to Ike at Pnagolin 4X4 in Oregon about the box a rebuild is $600 ouch. If you remive the box cover under the fender, after you scrap away the grease there is an adjustment nut on the side of the box.. Long term I will add Power Steering

    You Disco weighs 7000lbs!! my 1 ton truck weighs that ........time for a TDI conversion
    Hope to make the fall trip
    Hey Matt
    Hows the New Disco?
    The Landy is doing well, I was able to tighten up the steering, adjust the accelerator pedal and add seat belts. My 17 year old has been driving it, he had to learn to drive a stick and double clutch. If he brakes second gear I will upgrade to a SeriesIII trans. We haven't decided what if any mods to do at this point.. I do want to buy a set of 24 spline Salisbury axles for it to get away from the 10 spline ones so if you hear of any let me know
    hey man thanks for the help on the Land Rover info. i was looking on craigslist and for the same price I can get a mid 90's rover. since you have owned both what do you suggest? do the mid 90's still have the "balls" as the older ones? living in Texas i wouldnt mind having AC, haha but not the deal breaker. gas mileage? itll be mainly for weekend/expo trips.
    You would think there was enough internet experts already but new ones seem to pop up all the time. You have to wonder how these guys have so much time to trash others on forum when they claim to be world explorers-sarcasm intended.
    Dale told me he's got "some D90's" on the way, I don't know how he does it but I have a feeling the IIa won't be the last Rover I buy from him.
    Hey, Matt:

    Yeah, I shouldn't have let it get to me, ... but since I had spent almost 2K with them over the last few years, it flew all over me. If you go there right now, one of our own members at Expo is calling all of us posers.
    Thanks for the positive feedback. I love my truck and that is all that matters.

    Yes, we got about 4 inches of snow off and on today. Still falling now.

    Crazy winter!
    Looking forward to many trips this Spring. I plan on taking my behemoth trailer many places!
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