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  • Hi, I'm not sure if you are whom I should contact about the IGT strap/leg holders that I have seen on the site. If you are I would be interested in 2 sets. If not could you put me in the right direction? Thanks, Jeff McCoy
    Its going well. Thanks. I hope its going well for you as well. Well, I had the heaviest springs OME makes ( 996 ) for the LJ. I also had king adjustable remote res shocks and spacers. If you need any spare parts I'm selling a few things.
    Hey man, Hope the holidays are treating you well.
    Can you give me some insight on what suspension specs you had on the rear of your LJ? Loaded down I'm "squatting" pretty good and looking to upgrade soon.
    If'n ye be in the area, I'll be back on the morrow. Today the 5th was exactly two months of road tripping. Good to be in the home area again. Looking forward to some R&R.
    Was cruising the pic thread and noticed your rig setup, Awesome! Quick question, what kind of tube clamps are you running? I've got an awning as we'll on my LJ and was hoping to add more functionality to the roof rack...
    Hello Ryan,
    Sorry to get back to you in such a delayed fashion. I just haven't got around to checking my Expo emails. My wife and I are doing fine. I think you know that she had a heart attack last October. It wasn't a true "heart attack" in the sense that the lining of her right coronary artery tore open and next she was patched up with 4 stents and is better than ever.

    I now own a 2013 Dodge Ram Powerwagon. i just finished adding on Aluminess front and rear bumper, Baja Designs led lights, white knucle rock sliders, and next month I'll add a Rebel Snugtop with bed liner. I have to say having a truck that is trail ready like the Powerwagon is just awesome. I'm going to be taking pictures in a week or so and I'll forward them to you.
    Also, I will be able to ship you those cots in the next month if you're still interested. All I would want is for you to pay for boxing and shipping.

    So, how are you and the family? Enjoying NC?

    Talk soon,
    Thanks for the comment, glad you like it! I don't know what Gr8Tops plans are for accessories for the Safari Cab are, they haven't asked me about the soft sides. Hopefully they'll offer the soft sides, I've got a manufacturer all lined up to make them.
    Thanks I will take you up on that in the near future. I have to work like the devil to have everything done for OX14, the wife says she might tag along so I need to work on some amenities :chef: She is not an MRE fan.
    Wow, I am blown away ! That is a compact ,well executed piece of outdoor adventure equipment! Bravo! Thanks for taking the time to share that. Thats a lot of great detail and food for thought in every picture. I saw you were at the 2013 expo. How was your experience there? I am planning the trek from Florida for this years OX. Any tips or helpful insight? Anyway thanks for an awesome album.
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