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    Baofeng UV5R "Builder Brackets"

    I'd like to order one. PM sent the other day... Thanks!
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    Latest Photo?

    Good stuff! Glad we're getting some Sierra snow. It's rang here again, so probably more on the way...
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    Mauka2Makai - Our Quest Begins...An 80 Series Adventure

    What a hoot... Looks like good times! Love all the smiles. You're doing it right...
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    Thanks! Feel free to track me down inside the store to say hi, if you see the Land Cruiser...

    Thanks! Feel free to track me down inside the store to say hi, if you see the Land Cruiser parked out there. You wouldn't be the first. :)
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    Snow Peak Titanium Mug

    Because they are just kind of a pressure fit, I've heard mixed reviews too. I met a lady who loved her lid and it fit tightly. Mine, not so much. The fit is good but not great and it seems a tiny bit of liquid wants to sneak out the sides when I use it. Not much though. Still, I didn't notice...
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    Mauka2Makai - Our Quest Begins...An 80 Series Adventure

    Another good report, as always. Thanks for sharing. I need to start planning another trip... Hoping to drive Bradshaw in March if we ame it to Desert Rendezvous.
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    Mojoe Griddle | Mojoe Outfitters Thread

    My daughter and I were two of the 200 folks fed breakfast by Cam and crew at Mountain Rendezvous a couple of weeks ago. The blueberry pancakes were the best I ever remember having, and it was some really good bacon as well. We also enjoyed their quesadilla snacks the previous evening, and my...
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    Latest Photo?

    Foeix, that looks like a great trip! BWilliams, did you have to detour around those fallen trees or what? Also I don't suppose you have a GPS track for your time on the OBCDR?
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    FS: REI Quarter Dome T2 ultralight tent = SOLD

    Updated with price drop to $120.
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    FWIW the Snow Peak plastic lid for the 450 double-wall seems to be a hit or miss proposition. I met a lady who has one that fits perfectly, while others - including mine - are very slightly loose. I could feel liquid escaping around the edges on mine, not much but enough that it bugged me and I...
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    Latest Photo?

    Good you got to have some fun along the way! Nice pics as always. Enjoy getting settled in, unpacking is always better than packing..
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    Pelican Coolers, My Experience.

    Bad deal. Reminds me of when I bought my Hydroflask which was defective, and also had to pay shipping back to them to get it checked & replaced. At least they paid for shipping back to me, but still...
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    Engel MT60 problem

    My Engel fridge has the same issue, but it hasn't magically started working again. I guess I should give it a try again. FWIW I called Engel USA and described the symptoms, and the guy I spoke with said it sounded like the compressor had failed. They were out of stock of replacement assemblies...
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    Tall Double Sleeping Bags?

    We have the North Face Dolomite Double bag in regular (fits up to 6') and like it a lot. It's a 20°F bag. They also offer it in a long size which fits up to 6' 6".
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    tmleadr03 builds up "The Tank" FZJ80

    Nice. Welcome to 80-series ownerdom. And yeah don't expect it to handle like an M3. ;^)
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    New ARB Touring Awnings Accessories

    Nice to see all the new options, well done.
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    Latest Photo?