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  1. WVI

    Electric Chain Saw

    I picked up the Ryobi listed last a couple weeks back. This little thing is amazingly handy! Ive cut up a few large, 6-8" dead falls and it's great. I just shoot the blade with some PB Blaster every so often. It may be going back as I have discovered that chain availability seems to be nill..
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    What's your favourite frying pan? Market Research

    @Laps , Thanks much for the info.
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    What's your favourite frying pan? Market Research

    @Laps Have you tried it out yet? Is the bottom truley flat and does it stay flat when heated? I've tried a few inexpensive small cs pans and they all went back as they would wrp, no matter how slow they were heated, and non were really flat, which meant more oil required to cook with.
  4. WVI

    Pump GPM for a dishes sprayer/camp shower?

    What about using a small RV pump?
  5. WVI

    Who Still uses cast iron while traveling?

    That's a nice looking percolator there @ABBB
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    Pressurize a camper

    There's a Tuber(Gonagain) that has fought this in their small utility trailer camper. There's a small "scoop" shaped vent at the front of the trailer. It's facing forward I believe, and when moving it takes in just enough air to keep the dust down significantly inside the trailer.
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    PNW Brand Liquidating rooftop tents, awnings, bed racks, and recovery treads.

    Awning shipping to 62922 if possible? Thanks
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    Sway bars. Help me not lean

    @Mickey Bitsko has a good point. That series of van is very lightweight as far as suspension goes. If I recall correctly, even the front dif is shared in the Astro/Safari line as well as vehicles such as the Bravada.. I'd install air bags,
  9. WVI

    AWD Chevy Astro v. Toyota Hiace

    Astro, with 4X4!
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    If you get the free stamp and make it a legal SBR, and the "rule" is overturned, you are going to be stuck with an SBR and all the regs and cost associated with it as long as the firearm exist.
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    New All Terrain Tire from Nokian, Outpost AT

    I road in a neighbors truck yesterday, and he had recently had the Outpost installed. It was the first time he'd tried them in the snow, and they worked well. )only a few inches of melting snow and ice) They road and handled nicely. I recently picked up a set of Tundra rims that had bought...
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    Falken Tires

    @1leglance Which load rating are the tires on your van? Thanks
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    Swapping Lead acid for LiPo on my "house" battery, alternator charging questions

    could you not do away with that as the battery on the vehicle should do the same thing??
  14. WVI

    Bigfoot "Hide & Seek" Magnets and Stickers

    I'd like 2 as well. Please send me payment info ect.
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    Love Nitto Tires

    I'm looking at the DuraGrappler. They are the best tire I've ever used. Thanks for sharing those pictures.
  16. WVI

    Added an outside table for my Camper

    Very nice. Looks very sturdy as well!!!! ?