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  1. SFP

    The Status of Overlanding Today

    I am appreciating what everyone has to say on this thread. Just putting that out there for starters. I don't claim to be an overlander, I'm an outdoor explorer. I grew up like many watching real overlanding documentaries and reading books and the bug has been with me my entire life. Will I...
  2. SFP

    First Foray into 4Runners - My 1st Gen Build

    Awesome build. Have always loved the first gen - just have never gotten around to owning one. Thanks for sharing with us all.
  3. SFP

    WTB - Hardened (bear-resistant) all-terrain camper

    Might I ask why this area and what time of year you plan on going? Reason I ask is this... Freeze in, freeze out (fall and spring) changes the terrain in a big way. Also depending on where one is going a larger LMTV may not make it down a lot of the smaller back roads. And if you have never...
  4. SFP

    WTB - Hardened (bear-resistant) all-terrain camper

    First question: American or Canadian? Reason I ask is bringing a rifle into Canada is not that easy (yes I am well aware one can smuggle/sneak one in easily enough) if you are an American. It can be done. Getting caught without the proper permits and such is not a good thing as the Canadian Gov...
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    Port Renfrew Winter 2022 Camping Trip

    Part Five - Big Lonely Doug The Map of The Giants and Driving Directions I have been wondering how to post photos of Big Lonely Doug. The reality is even a full-frame camera cannot do this majestic tree justice. It's size is hard to wrap one's mind around, and only seeing him in person...
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    Port Renfrew Winter 2022 Camping Trip

    Part Four - Friday Morning Honestly few things in this world make me as happy as waking up inside my tent on a camping trip. Although it was a chilly 2 C/35 F I had had one of the best sleeps in ages (yeah a few Nutrls may have helped with that). Given that Snowman had brought along her Buddy...
  7. SFP

    Cheap alternative for camping

    Nice. I have been seriously considering grabbing one for the Jimmy. I like the idea of extra space, the head room in the main tent section and as an alternative to my ground tent.
  8. SFP

    92 Isuzu Trooper money hole

    Loved my '91 four door I had. Would happily take another if I can find one in good shape and not rusted out. Looking forward to following your build.
  9. SFP

    WTB - Hardened (bear-resistant) all-terrain camper

    Might I ask where you are planning on camping out for said extended periods of time? A clean camp is the single biggest thing one can do to prevent bears or other wildlife from being interested. If at all possible don't cook in your RV or close to your tent. All food should be stored securely...
  10. SFP

    Port Renfrew Winter 2022 Camping Trip

    Part Three - The Campground, First Night, Best Laid Plans We all have our own idea of what makes a good campground. For some it is full service for their RVs, for others it’s the middle of nowhere with absolutely zero chance of having to share your location with another human being. Some like...
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    Port Renfrew Winter 2022 Camping Trip

    Part Two - The Big Day Most camping trips don’t start the day you leave and head out to go camping, no they start a few weeks or months ahead of the time one actually leaves and heads out on the highway as it were. I had recently purchased a used 2002 GMC Jimmy I named Blue. I had been wanting...
  12. SFP

    Port Renfrew Winter 2022 Camping Trip

    Lets be real, even if it hits $4.00 we are all still going to be driving - limiting our back country rigs, but still cheaper than flying or train. If ya make it out this way, look me up. And I so hear ya about the Goretex ;) As I like to say... it's easy to look good (or really bad) in...
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    Port Renfrew Winter 2022 Camping Trip

    Started young myself... but honestly haven't been out in over a decade. Still have dreams of one day riding Mavericks (been there twice to watch from shore) - figure it may kill me lol. next up for me is a SUP - I like em, good work out and a nice way to spend a day.
  14. SFP

    Port Renfrew Winter 2022 Camping Trip

    Renfrew will be perfect for ya surfing wise then. All year round with the bigger stuff in winter of course. Nice. Keep thinking of jumping to mirrorless myself, and loving the D9 just not the investment - I work full time as a portrait/commercial photographer so the past couple of years have...
  15. SFP

    Port Renfrew Winter 2022 Camping Trip

    Black bears, cougars and coastal wolves. As well elk, deer and of course eagles, ravens, etc. TONS of sea life - ocras, grey whales, starfish, etc The bears (on the island) are pretty chill in my experience as long as one uses common sense. The wolves may "stalk" ya as you hike but it's just...
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    Port Renfrew Winter 2022 Camping Trip

    Part 1 - The Idea Way back in late 2019 I had the idea of spending New Years Eve Camping in Port Renfrew at Pacheedaht Campground. If I go by number of times I have camped there over the last thirty years, it is by far my favourite campground on Vancouver Island. I first discovered this gem of...
  17. SFP

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    My old Boy - Called Fozzie (after the bear) Was a farm truck it's entire life. 78,900 original KM on him when I rescued him for getting crushed. 350 with a TH400. Some surface and outside cab rust. Frame, bed are mint. Bench seat (which I love), an 8-track plus a cassette deck. Dual side...
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    Love this thread and build I have a 1981 GMC 2500 Camper Special that I so wanna do an Alaskan Camper type build (like yours) but go the way using something like what Total Composites offer (support local eh). #LoveGMC PS: Keep the posts and photos coming including the family/couple shots...
  19. SFP

    Partner stove windscreen fix

    Get it on a YouTube Channel, get an IG influencer to brag about it and then the big time... the Shopping Network... get a some ex-vet to talk about it along with some hot bikini model to hold and display it.. millions man...
  20. SFP

    mountain biking+camping focused 4runner setup?

    What about the bike over locker set up from Yakima for your hitch? Yakima EXO System