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  1. mustangwarrior

    2001 WJ - The Dirty Nugget, DD build

    that was probably about a month ago, but he had quoted me $279 during the holidays, don't know if that had any affect
  2. mustangwarrior

    2001 WJ - The Dirty Nugget, DD build

    yep 5100's, ordered them from Nick Kolak over on jeepforum, $289 for all 4 shipped, showed up in about a week, Kolak is awesome, has great prices on everything and is very well known on jeepforum only issue i had was i couldn't use my bar pin eliminators with them on the front, i couldn't get...
  3. mustangwarrior

    2001 WJ - The Dirty Nugget, DD build

    some new rotors and a shot of the Bilsteins, Jeep rides so much better through the potholes i'm considering the large baja basket from Synergy but not sure if i want the basket or more of a flat rack that spans the whole roof...
  4. mustangwarrior

    The Triple Threat Grand Cherokee (2003 WJ)

    ok, i think you finally went overboard lol pretty awesome setup
  5. mustangwarrior

    Random RIG Shots

    ^^^that WJ is awesome, i really dig the way he cut the extension piece on the rear flares
  6. mustangwarrior

    Show us your 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ

    i threw some limit straps on mine, only 3" of lift but still looses coils with the sway bar disconnected
  7. mustangwarrior

    Show us your 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ

    30" seward bar, thing is crazy bright
  8. mustangwarrior

    Show us your 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ

    here's mine from yesterday, i've seen 2 or 3 lifted ones on the road and countless stock ones
  9. mustangwarrior

    '01 XJ DD/All-Purpose Build

    nice xj, how do you like the bilsteins so far? i've been debating on either paying off the loan on my WJ or getting a set of Bilsteins and a front sway bar, the doetsch shocks on it now ride super rough
  10. mustangwarrior

    Official "My name is..." "And I ride..."

    my newest ride set up for the winter, just a basic fitness bike but being 6'5" i'm loving the 700c wheels and XL frame
  11. mustangwarrior

    Before and After Shots-- How your Vehicle has Evolved...

    not quite a before and after but saw it at Lowe's one day and had to grab a pic
  12. mustangwarrior

    Portrait Shots (show us your best)

    he is/was the drummer for Blink 182, i think they are still together, you know, these guys
  13. mustangwarrior

    2001 WJ - The Dirty Nugget, DD build

    more or less built it on the fly, actually stole the idea from several ideas over on, some threads on there with way more pictures than I have here's one link, but there's a few more too if you jump over there and take a look around...
  14. mustangwarrior

    2001 WJ - The Dirty Nugget, DD build

    Went out to our local spot a couple of weeks ago, locker worked pretty well but the jeep's biggest down fall in the mud is ground clearance, got it stuck once but got out pretty easy, not too many good pics but you can see in these the LED bar works pretty well, Then today we went out to...
  15. mustangwarrior

    2001 WJ - The Dirty Nugget, DD build

    so i spent a long week waiting to get my jeep back from the differential guy, been driving my old escort all week and it was driving me nuts So as it sits now, the rear end has had every bearing and seal replaced, complete brake job, minus the rotors, Aussie locker installed and a new Riddler...
  16. mustangwarrior

    Ohio hidden compartment law

    Yea, i think he must have obviously been suspicious, and i like how they showed the new chevy with a taillight mounted on actuators, his was probably jerry-rigged considering they "found" suspicious wires and followed them, we've all got lights, winches, compressors and those all add lots of...
  17. mustangwarrior

    Really.............Independent Suspension...******?

    i know there are companies out there that build axles but a couple thousand dollars per axle is not a doable option for the average person, and i'm not saying it will happen soon but what about in 60 years, we really don't know where the car market will really be, plus look at programs like cash...
  18. mustangwarrior

    Really.............Independent Suspension...******?

    sooner or later i think it will be almost impossible to find solid axles, all of the junkyard axles will be used up, broke, scrapped etc, since few 4x4s are still being built with solid axles, everyone will be running long travel ifs setups
  19. mustangwarrior

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    chive on brother! i've got the same sticker on the back of my WJ
  20. mustangwarrior

    Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx

    i'm still pretty happy with mine, they work really well off road and on road they handle great, only regret is getting the 10 plys, also they hold the road really well, had to stand on the brakes last night and they held traction the whole time, never slid, my buddy had stt's on his chevy and...