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  1. jeep-N-montero

    my camper/truck dilemma

    I have come across a low mileage 2014 F250 Lariat that I'm trying to work out a deal on, they want to downsize so might work out a trade.
  2. jeep-N-montero

    my camper/truck dilemma

    The 2010-2014 HDPP had weird 7 lug, 2015-current have 6 lug.
  3. jeep-N-montero

    my camper/truck dilemma

    Growing pains and trying to figure out the "right fit", owned a Sunlite hard side, Six Pac hard side, 1984 Texson popup, Outfitter popup originally designed for an S10, Hallmark popup, Outfitter Caribou 6.5, and now the Northstar. Ugh, that's 7 campers!
  4. jeep-N-montero

    my camper/truck dilemma

    The 6.2 is very reliable, empty the f150 gets better mpg but both average about the same towing.
  5. jeep-N-montero

    my camper/truck dilemma

    Here is a picture of the Outfitter it replaced, I absofreakinglutely loved it but kids grow!
  6. jeep-N-montero

    my camper/truck dilemma

    We recently bought a slightly heavier TC800 (our 6th camper since 2020) and debating on "upgrading" to an HDPP optioned F150 or step up to an F250. Our truck is a 2013 Lariat supercrew EB with 6.5ft bed and tow package. I have already added Bilstein 5100's, rear sway bar, LRE KO2's, brake...
  7. jeep-N-montero

    SOLD - Overland Camper For Sale - ALL ALUMINUM

    With those black panels that thing must be an oven in the sun.
  8. jeep-N-montero

    bought an Outfitter over the weekend

    Does your 2007 still have the battery under the bench seat or did they move it to a vented compartment?
  9. jeep-N-montero

    bought an Outfitter over the weekend

    So on Friday I was cruising the classifieds and came across an Outfitter that was initially built for a long bed S10, the people selling were using it on a 2004 Ford Ranger. To be honest I had never heard of Outfitter, but after a quick google search I learned a few things and called them...
  10. jeep-N-montero

    Storage under bed or around the frame

    We just bought a nice Outfitter popup camper that requires a raised platform to clear the bed rails and cab, going to build it with 2x8's as supports and use some of those long storage bins that slide under your bed at home. I'll post pictures when I get it done.
  11. jeep-N-montero

    Custom Pop-Up Truck Camper for 5.5 bed pickups SOLD SOLD SOLD

    What are the dimensions of the upper bed? And can the lower part become a complete sleeping platform across the width?
  12. jeep-N-montero

    Anyone running pro comp wheels on a Gen 3?

    What do you not like about your stock wheels that you want to replace them?
  13. jeep-N-montero

    98 Montero 2.5 Harmonic Balancer broke

    Are you 100% certain she shop installed everything correctly and used a new updated crankshaft bolt and OEM timing belt tensioner? There is a chance they are responsible for replacing the engine.
  14. jeep-N-montero

    Can't get to the driver side rear cam seal on my gen 2.5

    Ratcheting wrenches are what I used if I recall. Just be sure to reinstall correctly or you may crack/break the ear on the round aluminum piece, put a dab of grease on the seal to help it slide in easier.
  15. jeep-N-montero

    changing rear camshaft seals

    Do both, but start with the harder side so the other side is sort of a gift after hours of swearing.
  16. jeep-N-montero

    bought an 80's Six Pac camper

    More pictures.
  17. jeep-N-montero

    bought an 80's Six Pac camper

    About 3 weeks ago we found a 1980's Six Pac after looking a few months, not sure which model it is but it has an 8 ft box, Dometic 3-way fridge, dual burner stove, full bed over the cab and a full dinette east-west bed, weight is 1295 lb wet. We will be using it on our 6.5 ft bed f150. So far I...
  18. jeep-N-montero

    PRICE DROP 1996 F250 7.3 w/ Six Pack Camper $6,500

    Who built the butcher block table and counter top?