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    FS: 4Runner Gen5 Gobi Rack and Accessories - Phoenix AZ

    Selling my Gobi Stealth roof rack. This fits a 5th Gen 4Runner. Has the full-length basket, windscreen, with 2 adjustable/removable crossbars. Also included are 2 lockable FrontRunner Double Jerry Can Holders and a locking Shovel/Axe mounting bracket. Jerry cans and axe/shovel not included...
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    Location and price?
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    NMBDR by Land Rover

    Very well written. Looks like a great trip. I often go alone on my trips. Enjoyed your thoughts on that aspect of your journey. Thanks for the effort you put into this.
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    Capital Reef National Park 5.6.17 and 5.7.17

    Headed there in October as a part of a larger Utah trip. Great photos. Definitely making me look forward to the trip more.
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    The Maze at Canyonlands: Pilgrimage to the Doll House

    Enjoyed the story and the photos. Well done. Haven't been there, but it's on the list now.
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    The Best Road Sign in Utah? You be the judge...

    Very nice write up and photographs. Thanks for sharing. And, yep, it's a great sign.
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    First Death Valley Trip: 4 Cold, Wet, Snowy, Wonderfully Awesome Days

    Very nicely done report. Thanks for sharing. Heading that way in a month or so.
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    The Mojave Road - A Newbie's Tale Pt 1 - Pic Heavy

    Great write up. This is on my short list for this year's trips. Glad you guys had a great time!
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    (Another) December 2016 Death Valley Trip

    Looks like a great trip. Thanks for sharing. Heading that way in Feb, so taking notes from everyone's trip reports.
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    Ronny Dahl's Trips

    Love Ronnie's vids. His how to stuff has some nice practical tips. Those Aussies know how to have fun.
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    Death Valley Overland Trip Report - Complete

    Superb write up and great photos. We are heading that way in late February on our first DV trip. Your report makes we know that we will definitely enjoy the trip.
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    The "Expedition hat" thread

    Can't go wrong with a Tilley. Great desert hat but sheds water too. Clean it up in the sink or a stream and it looks like new (or better).