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    After 15 years of design and fabrication, time to downsize

    No you should make about 20 JK barn doors and see how they would sell. Ill be the first on the take my money list. But in all seriousness I don't see why there would be any interest in a JL barn door either. But stranger things have happened.
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    After 15 years of design and fabrication, time to downsize

    Unfortunately now that the JK is not the current model, I don't think anyone would put the barn door into production. My hopes and dreams are dead. lol
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    After 15 years of design and fabrication, time to downsize

    If you find a JK Barn door in there I call dibs! LOL
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    Overlandtowater’s solid axle suburban

    Have you replaced the o-ring on the oil pickup tube?
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    Got a new ground tent

    The more familiar you are with it and depending on if there is 1 or 2 people pitching it will ultimately determine how long it will take. Guy is this vid does it in about 6 minutes.
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    Got a new ground tent

    Yes it's very well made, although the downside to that is it's heavy. Another thing I like is the canvas doesn't let in a lot of light, so if you want to sleep in you can.
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    Got a new ground tent

    I have one of these and it is built like a tank at 90 pounds.
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    Jeep Wrangler JK Lifts Discussion

    The trailer is just something I cobbled together using a boat trailer for the base.
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    Jeep Wrangler JK Lifts Discussion

    In my case the rear airbags are for keeping the Jeep level while towing.
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    Jeep Wrangler JK Lifts Discussion

    I have a 2.5'' Teraflex spring lift. My Jeep an 09 JK wandered all over the road, driving in the wind was spooky. So I added Rancho geometry correction brackets and front and rear adjustable track bars. Now my Jeep drives like it's on rails, no wandering the road and could care less about the...
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    Cool Jeeps You Can't Have - Mahindra of India

    There is one.
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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    Wasn't there a company talking of putting the Barn Door into production or was that just wishful thinking on my part?
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    H6054 HID, LED, or High Wattage Halogen?

    Yep the high beams are awesome. I bought some headlight buckets from speedway motors and put my leds in them and mounted them on the windshield for off road lights.
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    H6054 HID, LED, or High Wattage Halogen?

    I noticed that my LEDs emitted no light above the cutoff line which is great for not blinding oncoming traffic but it also means that the reflectors a 1/2 mile or more up the road that halogens light up the LEDs don't. So too me it was like driving into pitch black on low beam because there are...
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    H6054 HID, LED, or High Wattage Halogen?

    I changed my stock headlights out in my Jeep for ProComp leds and after 6 months changed those out for Hella lens and Phillips bulbs. The leds are nice and bright but the glare you get off of road signs and the lack of any light above the cut off line just wasn't to my liking.
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    Tent advice

    I have the Alpha Kilo from Bushtec. Unfortunately the only the thing I can compare it to is Coleman tents. The Alpha is heavy duty, think it weights around 100 pounds. Setup is very easy just like any other bow tent.
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    Winches and circuit breakers/fuses/disconnects

    After having water get in my winch solenoid box and shorting out and running the motor till it killed my battery. I installed one of these.
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    JK130 | Custom TDI Diesel Parallel Hybrid Jeep Wrangler with composite camper build.

    These guys have the proper frame sections but not sure if they have the length you need.
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    Tagging trailers in a non-required state

    I wonder if Tennessee has something similar?