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    Jeep JK Roof Rack

    Email sent.
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    Lightforce 240 Blitz Lights For Sale

    Replied. Sale Pending. I will keep everyone posted. Thanks.
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    Lightforce 240 Blitz Lights For Sale

    SOLD!!!! I have a pair of Lightforce 240 Blitz lights for sale with a set of spot filters, a set of combo filters, and a set of security nuts. I am asking $225 for everything. Thanks,
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    Switching Reverse/Rear Lighting

    Wow! You have been busy! What all are you hooking up to the Blue Sea Fuse Boxes? You could always get some conduit to run the wiring in to hide the colored wire. It is a pretty good idea to have it protected anyway.
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    JK on 40s???

    I have been running 37" MTR's on my JK for the last year and love them. I have a '12 with the 6 speed and 4.10's at the moment. I have also put about 3,000 miles on a set of 35's and for everything other than driving on the highway, I really like the 37's a lot more. I have the 3.5" AEV lift...
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    Really BRIGHT lights

    They look a lot like the new Rigid Q4 light shown in the 2013 catalog with the corners cut. It will be interesting to see what the price of those are going to be, but I would guess close to the ARB's.
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    Tent Insulation?

    Another vote for a good bag and sleeping pad. Doubling up sleeping bags might sound like a good idea, but if you are compressing the insulation in the bags, it will defeat the purpose. It would probably work better to sleep in the warmer bag with a down comforter or the other sleeping bags...
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    Jk Build A or B

    I can only comment on the 3.5" AEV lift, but I have been really happy with it. I installed mine in February and have put 15,000 miles on it. This is my only vehicle, so I wanted something that was good on the road and capable off-road. The lift has much less body roll than stock and is very...
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    ARB Twin Cylinder compressor

    I am not currently using mine for lockers, but have been really happy with it as well. I have it hooked up to a 1 gallon tank and can air a 37" tire from 15-28 psi in about a minute. After that, it takes about 2.5 minutes per tire. They did a great job with the design and wiring of the...
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    Switching Reverse/Rear Lighting

    These are the ones that I have used with success. Depending on the size you need, 1A - Part Number 1N4004 3A - Part number 276-1141 6A - Part Number 276-1661
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    Switching Reverse/Rear Lighting

    Cool, it should not be too tough getting the LED's rigged up then. I usually just get my diodes from Radio Shack. I am sure there is a good spot to get them online, but Radio Shack is just down the road! Good luck!
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    Switching Reverse/Rear Lighting

    I would rig up the relay in the area behind the drivers taillight to have it in the same spot with your trailer plug and play harness. Are you using a 7 pin trailer harness or a 4 pin? If it is a 7 pin, the center pin should be for your reverse circuit. If you have a 7 pin and your trailers...
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    Switching Reverse/Rear Lighting

    I hooked the reverse light circuit up to a relay to activate my dually's and then tied the relay power into a main feed going from a switch up front directly to the reverse lights. This way, they kick on anytime I put it in reverse, or when I hit the switch. Here is a diagram of what I did...
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    Lightforce 240 Blitz Orange Combo Filters

    What are you wanting for them?
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    Jeep Battery Upgrade

    Has anyone tried battery terminal shims? It looks like they might do the trick for you, but I don't have any experience with them. If they are lead and you can get a nice tight fit, I...
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    Always open tire chuck

    The Twin Compressor has a pressure regulator built into it 135 psi and 150 psi. You don't need to add anything to the system to shut the power off when it reaches 150 psi. It is really a nice, well thought out setup. I...
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    Always open tire chuck

    How are you setting it up? Are you wanting an air chuck for a quick connect? If so, maybe you could just switch the connectors and have the chuck on your air line and the plug connected to the compressor. I have mine hooked up to a tank. The ARB Twin is designed to kick on at 135 psi and...
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    New mopar bumper on 2013 Jeep Moab

    The plastic covers on the bumper actually cover the crush cans. There shackle connections under the bumper tied into the frame though. Also, the two rectangular pieces are metal mesh attached to the bumper. You might be able to fit a pair of Rigid SRM's in the space, but I think it would be a...
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    Jeep JK, River Raider Evap & Air Tank Skid

    The wedding was awesome my friend, congrats!