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  1. OhioWrangler

    Random dog shots

    I'm very sorry for your loss. I waited a long time before getting another dog. I don't take death well, Ron
  2. OhioWrangler

    Jeep Cj7

    Very nice ride, welcome
  3. OhioWrangler

    Need coupler ideas. Bought an m-100 with the lunette cut off.

    I use the removable pintle ring for the additional security. Ron
  4. OhioWrangler

    In the field clean-up trick

    One of the people I camp with on a regular basis, uses a leaf blower to enhance wet camp fires. Great ideas, I'll need to buy a smaller one for camping. Ron
  5. OhioWrangler

    Swivel seat for 4Runner

    73-77 chevelle/laguna's had swivel bucket seats. The mounts are very hard it find in good condition. Custom vans are making a come back, a lot of the seats were converted to swivel. I own a 76 laguna s-3 and I love my swivel buckets. Ron
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    Thanks for the info, Ron
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    Interesting concept. What's the weight limit? Ron
  8. OhioWrangler

    No Top/Soft Top Overland Trip

    I agree with all the recommendations, I take the top off in April and put it back on in October. A friend and I drove from Ohio to Colorado with our soft tops on. I have the luxury of secure storage in the rear of my jeep, Good luck, Ron
  9. OhioWrangler

    Dexter axles easily replaceable (swapping lug patterns)

    I ordered my axle with the same bolt pattern hubs as my jeep. Then I was able to swap from hubs to electric brakes just by ordering them from My axle is a dexter 3500#. They were cheaper with shipping than I could buy locally
  10. OhioWrangler

    Ditching my RTT; Need ideas on Camp Set-ups - Post Pics!

    The tent cot is a fine product, however, you can't do anything in them other than sleep. I'm 6'2", 250#, the large is a tight fit. If space allows go for the double wide. It also produces a lot of condensate due to body heat. Again, its a great product. I've gone to using the cot inside a...
  11. OhioWrangler

    OPINION: Single or dual ARB compressor

    I've ran the viair(FAILED after 6 uses). I bought the ARB dual compressor, works great. I'm running 35" MTR's, I'm plumbing in an expired air tank(4200 psi) for more volume. I recommend the dual compressor, Ron
  12. OhioWrangler

    Toys For Tots Success with Rebel Off Road

    Great work, I thank you, Sir.
  13. OhioWrangler

    Vehicle rear axle to trailer axle distance

    I had to extend my trailer tongue after I added a front storage box. The trailer tows better than before, but it did change the way the trailer tracked behind my jeep. I figure I'll shorten it for off road. I haven't checked for any changes in tongue weight. I'll be interested in the answers...
  14. OhioWrangler

    I Put My Kinetic Rope Inside The Spare Wheel

    I hadn't thought about storing my rope there, I store my air hose there, Thanks for the idea, Ron.
  15. OhioWrangler

    OME lift instructions

    With a 2.5" lift I assume it's a short arm kit, this means you are using the stock control arms. The kit should have new coil springs and shocks and possibly some brackets. Basically you'll be replacing the springs and shocks. Jack up the vehicle, support the frame with stands. Support the...
  16. OhioWrangler

    Overland trailer in the snow?

    I've had the best luck by airing down, most traction and floatation. You're correct you are dragging an anchor, Ron.
  17. OhioWrangler

    What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?

    Having a wheel come loose or off isn't unusual(which is bad). I work at a small independent repair shop, one tech torques the wheels at factory spec and a second tech checks the torque. The customer is asked to bring the vehicle in 50-100 miles for a retorque. There are shops that have been...
  18. OhioWrangler

    3.73 vs 4.10 debate (V8 TJ)

    I would recommend the 4.10's. I started with a few different combinations, with a 4.2L. I found I couldn't go slow enough for the more technical trails for the power I had, tight turns, etc, rocks or not. With the ax-15, you always go to another gear. I now have a v8 with an ax-15, I can...
  19. OhioWrangler

    Looking for a QUALITY down pipe for XJ

    I haven't used one but, BORLA is life time warranty. I've replaced a few headers no questioned asked. They are pricey but they stand behind their product, Ron