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  1. cmorrow

    Turtleback Trailers Going Out of Business?

    Seems like a weird joke, but I’m really hoping it was just a badly timed April Fools. I had some parts quoted and planned to follow up on later this year. The company has generally always been very responsive and easy to work with.
  2. cmorrow

    Perfect Camp Stove Griddle?

    Have any of you looked into the TYOR carbon steel griddles? Looks like a good alternative to cast iron, we cook w/ carbon steel at home and I like the option:
  3. cmorrow

    Paper or plastic, or something else?

    I'm currently going through this debate - with 6 people total, 4 of them small children - I want to get something that nests well to reduce space and streamline our gear storage. Originally was thinking of grabbing some stainless stuff but I think the heat transfer is going to make it difficult...
  4. cmorrow

    USB dongle / charging into a RTT or Trailer Tent

    Yep, I get it guys - and that's what I do now, use a USB battery bank. I just thought I might as well utilize the giant battery that's in my tongue box that already gets charged via my vehicle and solar panel.
  5. cmorrow

    USB dongle / charging into a RTT or Trailer Tent

    I have an OzTrail trailer tent that is part of a Turtleback Adventure trailer. I’d like to add some USB ports inside the tent for charging. There are some small zips at the end corner of the tent that would allow easy access to running a wire from the tongue box electronics into the tent...
  6. cmorrow

    Trailer TO Truck charging..

    Yeah, that makes sense too, it’s entirely likely I am overthinking, haha. Thanks man.
  7. cmorrow

    Trailer TO Truck charging..

    As far as I know, hopefully nothing - assuming my fridge works correctly. I don’t expect to be camping for long periods without running my vehicle, I just wanted to make sure that I could if needed. I’m not opposed to a second battery, but I really don’t think I will utilize it much and am going...
  8. cmorrow

    Trailer TO Truck charging..

    Great, thanks! It all seemed to make sense to me but I wanted to make sure there wasn’t some ‘gotcha’ I wasn’t considering.
  9. cmorrow

    Trailer TO Truck charging..

    Hey all, this was very hard for me to search since most results I found were about charging trailers via the tow vehicle, but I have a question about the opposite direction: I have a group 31 agm in my trailer fed with a 100w Renogy panel and Zamp controller. I have a group 49 agm in my 100...
  10. cmorrow

    Kitchen Kit/Chuck Box

    Just in case you didn't realize it yet - yeah, that drawer system pictured in the Gladiator is a Decked setup. It may be coming as a Mopar accessory, but they are available now for most modern trucks.
  11. cmorrow

    SOLD - 2013 AT Horizon Trailer (Price Drop)

    Looks like a great package for the price, GLWS!
  12. cmorrow

    WTB GFC Reserved Spot - $2,000

    Out of curiosity, have you seen the SNAP Treehouse? I got to check them out at an outdoors show in February and they seem to be a pretty well made product. Their side doors are all gasketed to hopefully allow less air/water leakage in the sides. They are a newer, less social media popular...
  13. cmorrow

    Smittybilt Scout Trailer Reviews?

    Thanks for all of the replies folks! I’ll dig in and do my research, haha.
  14. cmorrow

    Smittybilt Scout Trailer Reviews?

    Hey folks, I am interested in picking up a Scout. I am glad to have found this thread, but I really can't read all 113 pages. It looks to be an excellent value as long as you can get past the Smittybilt name. From what I have seen one of its disadvantages looks like tongue weight/balance. Is...
  15. cmorrow

    For Sale: M101A2 Trailer [S.E. PA] $1600

    How do these pull behind a Tacoma? This still has surge brakes and the original axle, right? With new tires, your overall wheel setup is much lighter than the Humvee runflats, right? This is probably dumb - but do those bows insert in the stake pockets of the trailer itself or are they only to...
  16. cmorrow

    Help assigning value to "Overland" 2008 4-Runner

    I am sure there are some fair dealers out there, but in the little experience I have seen - a dealer will lowball you or at least give almost nothing extra with all of those ‘mods detracting from the stock vehicle value’ and then they’ll turn around and sell it with a huge premium and...
  17. cmorrow

    Any Pro's and Con's regarding SuperWinch versus Warn

    I think he just meant dimensionally. But FWIW, I think the biggest different between 10 and 12k winches is usually internal gearing. The 12k models are usually a little slower bc of this.
  18. cmorrow

    4th Gen Camping/Storage System - DIY- Free plans!

    Awesome that you've given these plans away! I will totally share on Insta and hope to build them this summer. Thanks!