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    Pinzgauer 712 M for SALE

    Bump for a cool vehicle.
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    Aux battery charging issues

    Run a heavy gauge cable from the negative post of the main battery to the negative post of the auxiliary battery. Then, if you want to be a rockstar, run a heavy gauge ground cable from the casing of the alternator to the ground post of one of the batteries. This will insure proper and...
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    Aux battery charging issues

    Describe how is the auxiliary battery grounded.
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    Adjustable battery isolator?

    We have bi-directional configurations and user set-points are specified by the customer and flashed/tested prior to shipment. Our stuff is slanted toward high current use where other companies lack the offerings and expertise. No doubt for lower current applications there are other options at...
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    Adjustable battery isolator?

    I think we have what you need... 50 amps to 600 amps. Programmable Values Undervoltage Shutdown (volts) Undervoltage Shutdown Delay Undervoltage Reset (volts) Undervoltage Reset Delay Overvoltage...
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    Waeco cf-80 vs cf-110 for family

    I have a CF-80 and have used it on many multi-week road trips. It probably has 8 weeks of use and so far so good. The only complaint I have is the rubber seal has tried to un-glue itself and I keep shoving it back in. It takes up a lot of my Land Cruiser's back end...more than half including...
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    Question about wiring accessories to dual battery setup

    If the batteries are in parallel, it doesn't matter. Note that the gentleman in the next post suggests that it does matter due to resistance between the batteries and under high current discharge conditions, it will create an imbalance. I suspect there would be a discharging imbalance no...
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    Interior ceiling net storage

    Would love to find a more moderately priced option.
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    Trailer stuff at SEMA

    What's the company? With all due respect, you don't show at SEMA unless you want exposure.
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    San Diego lost / stolen land cruiser.
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    What's the big difference in a battery isolator, versus starter solenoid?

    A conventional silicon diode isolator's voltage drop may not work well with a trickle charger. A MOSFET-based isolator will work fine with a trickle charger because the voltage drop should be negligible. A typical solenoid will DRAW more power to close the contactor than a trickle charger will...
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    What's the big difference in a battery isolator, versus starter solenoid?

    Solenoids are cheap, easy to install, and because it has a moving parts, it will arc every time it opens and closes. They transfer current efficiently when new and degrade over time. Solid state battery isolators have no moving parts and the efficiency of current transfer will vary depending...
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    How to incorporate dual alternators

    Add a second alternator and run its output to the house battery bank. If your main alternator goes sideways, jump the vehicle batteries over to the second alternator and you're up and running in 10 minutes. Those Ford alternators are for sale pretty much everywhere so getting a broken...
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    Can I take my 2x13'1ga dual battery cables on an airplane?

    On a trip, the TSA got pissy about battery clamps I had with me. They explained that it came under the heading of "locking plyers." I tried to use logic....they're neither plyers nor do they lock...but there was no progress to be made. I parted with the $1.72 battery clamps and enjoyed yet...
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    Simple How to battery help....

    You need to run a separate ground cable to the rear battery as well. Don't depend on the battery negative-to-frame-to-hitch-to-ball-trailer-frame-to-battery negative to be decent ground.
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    Any aluminum framed trailers?

    Steel tubular frame with aluminum panels.
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    South African Expedition 4X4 Camping Trailer (Campa)

    With all due respect, the idea of sending someone a $6,000 check, and then driving 1,000 miles into Mexico to pick up a trailer which is supposed to be waiting in a garage in Todos Santos is quite a leap of faith.
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    Dual Battery System Management Recommendations?

    (Hanging head in shame) Updated PCB's currently being fabricated....should be delivered to the contract assembly house later this week, then it will take them around a week to populate the we're getting close.