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  1. Crom

    Crom's Portable Removable OBW (on board water) solution / idea

    Dman93, It was impossible to refill without pulling them out. Which is why I only really used them for base camping. Good news though. That's all in the past. My project was a success. Went camping this last weekend and new pump and plumbing worked superbly. We fill our water cups and...
  2. Crom

    Roof Rack Help?

    Square tubing, u bolts. Mount tubing under the Yakima bars. Strap chairs down. Done. Easy. No off the shelf is gonna work here, IMO.
  3. Crom

    proper length Hi-Lift jack

    The correct answer to the OP's question is: it depends. lol I personally think that the 48" is fine. It's easy to strap an axle to stop the suspension from drooping out. The longer hi-lift can help if your winching as was pointed out earlier. It can also help if high centered on tall lifted...
  4. Crom

    Crom's Portable Removable OBW (on board water) solution / idea

    Did a proof of concept with basic components, jug, pump, tubing. So far, is good. More parts arriving Tuesday, I'll finish the tubing and install. Electrical switch and wiring should get done late today. Will post pics once complete.
  5. Crom

    Crom's Portable Removable OBW (on board water) solution / idea

    Thanks for taking time to post that. I like your box on the wheel well. And that L-track is great. I used it extensively in the bed of the truck. Good stuff! I'll repost your pics Right on! THank you.
  6. Crom

    Load range E on a tacoma?

    E load Toyot MT's here. I like them a lot! 40 PSI for interstate, 19 PSI for wheeling. Very happy.
  7. Crom

    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Mr. Monte Nickles, your Tacoma, and picture of it look radical. Awesome!
  8. Crom

    Battery operated impact driver vs. pneumatic

    Electric impact has come a long way. I've got a Ridgid unit that I really enjoy, makes wrenching super fast and nearly effortless.
  9. Crom

    Crom's Portable Removable OBW (on board water) solution / idea

    Thanks Ray. Yeah the aquatainer is a really cheap container. I think the retail cost is $15. I too use them for home potable water storage, good use for them IMO. It is for sure questionable whether they are even suitable for overland / back country travel. Definitely better tougher market...
  10. Crom

    Crom's Portable Removable OBW (on board water) solution / idea

    Well I ordered the pump, some tubing, and push to connect fittings. Hooray for another water project!
  11. Crom

    Crom's Portable Removable OBW (on board water) solution / idea

    Thanks for posting. That's a good solution. My bulk water in aqua-tainer will be generally inaccessible because blocked by other gear, hence my wanting to pump. Stop. Makes too much sense! That's a very simple solution, I do like it a lot. I have a basket on my swing gate where I can put...
  12. Crom

    Crom's Portable Removable OBW (on board water) solution / idea

    I'm going to float my idea here for feedback. Feel free to comment. When I load out the Tacoma for family adventures, I pack two (2) 1-Gallon sturdy nylon reusable containers in the foot well on the passenger side. For bulk water storage I pack one 7-Gallon Aqua-tainer. Refilling the...
  13. Crom

    EPA mandated gas can horror stories:

    Most CARB compliant gas cans are dangerous. They are overly complicated, don't vent, and "chug" gas in an uncontrollable fashion, resulting in gas spills. The decision to mandate them quite possibley breaches the highest echelon of stupidity in government. The EPA should reverse it's 2009...
  14. Crom

    To spot or not to spot

    Thanks for your post. Interesting on stats. I too question the ability of SAR staff to use MDF (mobile directional finding) radio equipment to "home" in on 121.5 MHz. For what it's worth the unit also as an LED Strobe built in. Ultimately I'm not at all worried about it. My PLB is about to...
  15. Crom

    Camp Shower Hose

    Thanks for your post!
  16. Crom

    To spot or not to spot

    Good for you buddy. I have two mobile phones, dual band ham radio, spot trace for tracking, PLB for SHTF emergency. I'm good! Inreach is nice for two way, if you need that, not everyone does. I certainy don't. In 11 years backpacking and overlanding, the number of times I wish I had a two...
  17. Crom

    SPOT Coupon (2/3/17 - 2/14/17)

    Thanks for posting Dave. I've been thinking about picking up another trace device for some time. Rebate form fine print excludes purchases from Amazon. How rude! Purchases from E-Bay Auctions, Amazon or other secondary distribution sources are not eligible for this rebate.
  18. Crom

    Portable vs Fixed Roof mount Solar panels

    X2 No beer here, but otherwise agree in every respect. I set it and forgot it 3.5 years ago. Untold Kilowatt hours absorbed. Easy and maintenance free. Works.
  19. Crom

    To spot or not to spot

    Congrats on your purchase! I hope it works well for you.
  20. Crom

    To spot or not to spot

    Personal interviews notwithstanding, the number of succesful rescues from PLB's stand on their own merits. Anyone who takes the time to research it can clearly see that for themselves. The advantage of the PLB is that it has one and only one job to do, and it does it very well. The batteries...