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    Forge motorsport overland camping mixer @ Windrock Tennessee

    Nice to see something different than Toyotas & Jeeps.
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    2020 SR5 4Runner 4x4

    Thank you! I had a 2003 4Runner prior to this. I'm getting a fridge and power source soon. Outside of that, I'd like to get sliders. Then I'll decide on lift/tires specs.
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    2020 SR5 4Runner 4x4

    I have a Via Air compressor that I use for air ups. It runs hot and takes a while but it works.
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    2020 SR5 4Runner 4x4

    Ordered and installed Coolshark molded weather mats. They seem like they're good quality and were only $99. Waiting until Black Friday deals to order Canvasback for the back of the 4Runner. In the meantime, I'll be receiving a 44 qt. Costway fride/freezer.
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    Houston, TX to Durango, CO

    I ended up getting a new 2020 4Runner SR5 Premium!
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    2020 SR5 4Runner 4x4

    I could see where all the weight would make a little to be desired. The Whipple supercharger or TRD supercharger look appealing, but I am likely doing sliders and lift/tires first.
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    2020 SR5 4Runner 4x4

    New thread for a new vehicle. Proud new owner of a 2020 SR5 Premium 4Runner 4x4. It's speced with Softex synthetic leather and 3rd row. Can't wait to add some tasteful and purposeful modifications. What is replaced was a 2003 SR5 4Runner with the V8. Hopfully I don't regret that move.
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    Houston, TX to Durango, CO

    We saw a bunch of cars pass as we waited for our tow. Made me wonder what maintenance I should do on a vehicle this old or what vehicle i should get next since it's getting up in age. We called 911 since we had two young kids with us and got a tow sent out. The tow driver had a mechanic ready...
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    Houston, TX to Durango, CO

    On the morning of August 4th, we took a detour toward Mesa Verde National Park. Though the tours were closed, it was still neat to see the architecture of the ancient natives. Later that day, we made our way to Rockwood Station 18 miles north of Durango. We took an out and back tour into...
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    Houston, TX to Durango, CO

    This section is where I found out Ray is deathly afraid of heights. This section has some serious drop offs and some off camber portions. He had never been offroading and his hand signals and tire placement left a lot to be desired. We had some choice words a couple times between each other. He...
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    Houston, TX to Durango, CO

    After breakfast on the 2nd, we traveled up to Silverton and stopped at Molas Pass (10,910 ft.) to take in the beautiful view. Silverton was packed with off-road and adventure ready vehicles as well as SxS to the max. Early this morning, I heard some belt squeal and treated with belt...
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    Houston, TX to Durango, CO

    On July 31st, my oldest son turned 8. We celebrated his birthday and then I took a long nap. By 11:30pm I was on the road with my two boys (8) and (4) and father-in-law. The roads were quiet and I drove from Houston, through Dallas and northwest on Hwy 287. This was the sunrise on August 1st...
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    Another Road trip: TX-NM-AZ-UT-CO-TX, July 9th to July 22, 2020

    Fantastic trip! I'm leaving Houston for Durango on Friday evening. I'll be there for four days!
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    Costway Fridge

    I've been thinking of getting one of these as well. Can't beat the price.
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    Spring Break Road Trip. Houston to Great Smoky Mountains NP 03/06-03/14

    Back just in time to avoid everything being closed. If things are better for travel, I'll be doing this in late July.
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    Driven Over Land - Short Film

    Great work! Love it.
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    Johnson County Arkansas

    Looks awesome! Is it west of 123?
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    Grand Canyon Recreation

    Nice! I went in 2008. Now you got me looking at going over Thanksgiving with my family.
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    First road trip with the kids!

    We went on a hiking trip around Tanyard Creek. Cool, damp overhang and natural bridges and shade from the trees were taken in. Lower falls with some families playing in the steps. The upper falls were impressive too. The boys were too scared to hike up to them and behind them because of the...