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    2003 Thomas 80k Original Miles

    FOR SALE: 2003 Thomas Skoolie Location: Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA Details: This bus was featured in A&E’s new show Living Smaller on August 13th. Video below. 2003 Thomas EF. CAT3126 with 80k original miles. Allison 2,000AT Fresh oil change and the transmission flushed. Six BRAND NEW...
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    Still wanting to post our links and images. Perhaps a mod could grant me the permissions needed? [emoji51]
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    I read the rules and there was no mention. Oh well. I'm sure I'll be around for at least 50 posts! :D
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    Kitchen Kit/Chuck Box

    These are all really cool. I joined here after seeing a Google image of one that linked to here. Unfortunately after reading all of the posts, it looks like that box is no longer hosted on the image site and therefor I cannot see more images of it. Is someone could post a bunch of images or put...
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    Hey everyone! Recently found this site through looking at chuck boxes on Google images. In December 2016 we flew to FL from PA and bought a 2003 school bus that we are converting into a smart home. The bus is 27' and we plan on doing a lot of outdoor living despite having common amenities in...