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    Need opinions on '03 Toyota Sequoia for sale

    Timing belts and lower ball joints are the big maintenance items on these. Some think the 05+ with the 5 speed auto is a better drivetrain. I don’t mind the power on my 04 with 33”s and stock gears. Price seems a little high at 7k with that many miles, but if you have some proof it was taken...
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    2002 Sequoia Limited 4WD

    Sal, do you have any close up shots of how you mounted your bumper? Did you cut off the crumple zone? I’m drawing up a similar one for my 04. I found a good video game sequoia model and converted it to a surface model for solidworks
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    Aftermarket 17” steelies for Toyotas?

    I recently bought a 2004 sequoia to replace my 1997 Tacoma, and I’m struggling to find aftermarket steelies again. My Tacoma had a set of pro comp 87 16”s but it looks like they’re discontinued now. I don’t really want to run spacers for larger tires, so I want higher offset wheels. Anyone have...
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    1987 Hilux SR5 Turbo Build

    Have any more photos of the install? Really neat
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Just Installed my 3D printed Blinker Lenses
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    Canopy and bed storage recommendations

    Haha that boat/tent setup is awesome
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    Load range E on a tacoma?

    I love the look and durability of my Load E Toyo Open Country 285/55/16's on my 1997 Extended cab , but man they are harsh on the road. They are awesome on the rocky Arizona trails though. I'm going with KM2's or some other all-terrains next.