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  1. Nicklovin

    2001 Toyota Tacoma DC - 173,856 miles

    $14,500 obo Clean Title Located in Huntington Beach, CA, USA This is a 2001 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 with the 3.4 V6, 173,856 miles and a clean title. I used it as my daily driver and to go camping since I purchased it in 2019 at 150,622 miles. I love this truck, but I wanted something bigger and I...
  2. Nicklovin

    JDM LN107 Hilux build thread

    This is sweet, what dreams are made of :D
  3. Nicklovin

    Parting out 04 Tacoma

    Is the side piece plastic on the driver and passenger side seat in good shape?
  4. Nicklovin

    Tundra vs metal post. Advice needed

    Whoa that’s kinda cool. Side note how do you like wheeling with a king bed tundra, is it a pain or workable? What size tires, 35s? I have been looking at 1st Gen tundras and thinking about doing the switch from a taco
  5. Nicklovin

    1994 Dodge Ram 2500 12v w/ Alaskan Camper - $8k obo, CDA, ID

    Did the truck sell? May be interested if it’s still around
  6. Nicklovin

    SOLD!!! Homemade: Go Fast Truck Camper

    Looks cool. Why the shift away from it?
  7. Nicklovin

    9 - Cooper 255/80/17 Used

    UPDATE - Only have 3 tires left Make an offer
  8. Nicklovin

    9 - Cooper 255/80/17 Used

    Hey guys I’m upgrading to Falkens. 6 of the tires have 8/32, 3 have about 4/32. Willing to sell individual ones if anyone needs a spare. Asking $200 if you take them all Located in Huntington Beach, CA, USA
  9. Nicklovin

    2022 Hilux Single Cab Build

    I know this is old but do, or did, you have a build thread for this. Very intrigued to see that flatbed and inside the back. Is that canvas around a frame or hard sides
  10. Nicklovin

    1st gen tacoma

    For reference I have 255/80/17 coopers on mine and I love them. Nice skinny 33 and they actually weigh less than my old KO2s in a 31
  11. Nicklovin

    1st Gen 87 Toyota 4Runner

    Hey which color red of raptor did you use? I love how yours looks. I did mine and it’s a brighter red, but it also turns a bit pinkish when covered and dust from wheeling
  12. Nicklovin

    1983 Toyota 4X4 Chinook Build

    That’s pretty cool, a lot of potential
  13. Nicklovin

    Saga of Stanley Fab - Builds of sorts!

    There's a lot of awesome yota stuff happening here... Definitely gotta come back and read threw the whole thread, I'm drooling haha
  14. Nicklovin

    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    That was a lot of pics :sombrero: Love your Tacoma though
  15. Nicklovin

    SoCal Montero Meet-Up Saturday 3-25-17 @ 10:00-12:00

    Hi wondered my way into creeping on this thread after reading about Monteros & I'm in the OC so maybe I'll come look at your guys' builds. Anyways there's a lot of day & long term wheeling to do in Socal. Cleghorn, Hungry Valley OHV, Barstow OHV, Wildomar OHV, Main Divide are all examples of...