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  1. Doc2012

    Ammo can idea thread

    Well, three years late, but here’s my contribution. Currently working on redesigning to make them fit into a Medium AMAL can; with a Large AMAL can for other storage. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Doc2012

    M101 A3 Utility trailer -->Camper Adventure trailer build

    Know what I like about those axles? The center section. I love how it is risen up. Just makes me less worried about snagging on something. You've got a good idea going. I'm doing something similar with a M116A2 and a M996 Ambulance body.
  3. Doc2012

    SOLD 3 Rockwell American Trailer Hubs 6 x 5.5 SOLD

    Come up to NC at all? Jacksonville area? If not, I might have to make a trip down. Could end up being what I need to convert my trailer to Toyota Wheels. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Doc2012

    The Perfect Vehicle-Mounted Medical/First Aid Bag

    This. If it HAS to have red on it, take it to a embroidery shop and have them put a Red Cross on the bag, and if it's a pack, have them put one on each side so you can tell from both sides. Embroidery is a cheap option for a non red bag. That being said, make sure you don't have a red...
  5. Doc2012

    The Perfect Vehicle-Mounted Medical/First Aid Bag

    If I may, why is non red a "deal breaker"? Is it the thought "OH! There's my red bag, it's red like blood for medical stuff!"? Or is it "different"? If you're looking for different, I've got some options for you. I have three bags that I use, though, when set up, are more my SHTF bag than a...
  6. Doc2012

    12v, 24v, Solar, Shore, Batteries and more!!

    Building 1? As in the General's building? This pics were taken at French Creek, behind MEDBN. The growth of the base in the last 5 years (been here since 2008), has been insane.
  7. Doc2012

    M116A3 trailer for sale

    Damn awesome trailer. I've got one. I'm goin to be adding a M996 ambulance body to mine to make a expo trailer.
  8. Doc2012

    My 04' Tundra Mistress - Keep my LX or Build the Tundy

    What this guy said!!!!!! Just swap the motors, sell the Tundra, then take the money from the Tundra and put it into the LX. A guy down here took a 2UZ and put it in to a '99 3.4L 4Runner. Found out that he transmissions are the same, just different bell housings. Probably not the same...
  9. Doc2012

    12v, 24v, Solar, Shore, Batteries and more!!

    The ambulance was wired for 24v. Just like the HMMWV. The M997 variant has an AC/heater. The M996, mine, doesn't. It also doesn't have the CBRN equipment. I plan on using the space above the "cab" for water storage. Potable and shower water, which will probably be the same tank, seeing as...
  10. Doc2012

    12v, 24v, Solar, Shore, Batteries and more!!

    All the comments thus far have been VERY helpful. I can't believe I forgot to add that i do plan on running some kind of an AC unit. The main piece of the trailer I plan on using does hold heat VERY well. That being said, I completely forgot to add pictures to what I was talking about using...
  11. Doc2012

    12v, 24v, Solar, Shore, Batteries and more!!

    Ok gents. More of a lurker here, and enjoy reading the piss out of everything you wonderful guys have posted. I did search, but really didnt see anything that would answer my questions... Heres my quandry. I'm building a trailer. I want power. (Duh) Bewteen 12V, 24V, Battery options...
  12. Doc2012

    On board fire supression

    My questions: Where the f did you get an UA LC? And why do you have said UALC? Sent from my PRC-119 using morse code.
  13. Doc2012

    Wood stove for cooking and hot water

    I don't see why the water would be a safety hazard, especially if it's an open system. For "safety's sake", put a pressure relief valve in there somewhere, just as a bypass incase it does get too hot. The problem I see happening, is the fact that the water might be too hot to even use...
  14. Doc2012

    Wood stove for cooking and hot water

    I think your logic for the "self feeding" aspect is a safety hazard. You start shoving sticks down that tube, what's to stop it from the flames from coming back up? As you know, wood burns quicker on the outside, so it would leave the solid center sitting in the pipe. As far as stainless, I...
  15. Doc2012

    Jack options for truck camper that sits at about 46" off the ground?

    Post up pics of the camper, and truck, and maybe we can give better ideas. I'm thinking something along the lines of an "a-frame" but without seeing how it all looks and everything, my idea might be worthless. Sent from my PRC-119 using morse code.
  16. Doc2012

    M100 for sale in KY

    Trade for a M116A2 genny trailer? Sent from my PRC-119 using morse code.
  17. Doc2012

    Cabelas Outfitter camping gear with M101A2 trailer package for sale Ft Worth TX

    Jesus. If I had 3k I would drive from NC to get this from you. Awesome setup you have. Simply amazing. Sent from my PRC-119 using morse code.
  18. Doc2012

    Hey Guys.

    Hey guys. Some of you might know me from TTORA and For those of you that don't, thought I'd take a minute and say hi. :wavey: Been stalking on here for a little bit, but finally got tired of not being able to see any pictures, so figured I'd make a profile and introduce myself and...