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    Another LMTV Build... (for sale)

    Looks great and a good overall write up Keep up the good work!
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    Fear of the highlift?

    It's funny to me to see a high lift bolted on a rigs rack. Then ya look at it and no where at all to use it, plus its rusted up and basically unusable anyways Have one bought years and years ago, used it on the farm back in the 70s and still works great BUT its proper equipment , just like the...
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    Another Suspension Question

    Lots of great advice to OP. My wife is from Tanzania and my In-Laws live on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. She has lived in Dodoma, Arusha and Tanga areas, lots of roads that some here would think they were offroading! I know all to well about the wash board roads and how they eat stock...
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    How much would a lift a bigger/heavier tires affect an IFS Jeep

    Only going up that much and one size is not going to have that much affect on anything. Some of course but not that much. You may see a small amount of power loss and gas mileage but again not a lot I've been building up 02-07 Libertys with IFS front suspensions for over 12 years now. Have one...
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    Goodyear Wrangler Authority AT?

    Ran over 98,000 on a set 265-75-16 Duratracs, never need rebalanced, wore nice and flat, never one issue with them. Went everywhere I wanted to go, Now the SR-As , I remove them within the first 1000 miles, total cheap junk
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    How important is tire availability?

    Good size with the 2.5 inch OME lift on there , should do a great job for you
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    DIY "No Welding" Roof Rack

    So how much would a similar rack cost material wise? Looking at the fittings seems pretty expensive by the time you buy them all??
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    Custom Rear bumper, which is better one swing or two swings to carry tire and fuel

    Yes best place for spare is behind the driver, first one I had was on passenger side, huge PITA to see around, all rest were drivers side
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    Custom Rear bumper, which is better one swing or two swings to carry tire and fuel

    Over the years I have had both single and double Most think a single swing is quicker and easier but with doubles it only takes a couple of seconds more really Doesn't take up as much room to open them plus less weight on the spindles etc I'll take a double swing out any day
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    Can't find what I want so the build begins.

    Just read all the way through, great build good reading Enjoy it all!
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    The Lone Ranger Project

    No interest? I loving the build for sure Keep the updates coming
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    Cold Air Intake

    They do make more noise so in the mind of some people that equates to more horse power LOL But in real world , save your money
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    How'd you learn to take care of your vehicle?

    I grew up on a farm and from 5 or 6 on up was helping my Grandfather, repair, do preventive maintenance etc on everything around the farm. My Father was a Chevrolet mechanic for a few years when I was younger and he'd buy old cars, give me a list of what needed done and I'd tear them apart and...
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    Round Off-road lights... What to do?

    Just met a guy who is doing some construction work here locally thats from New Hampshire. Got to talking Jeeps etc and he mentioned he had bought 4 6 inch Cibies back in the late 70s and just ran across them recently Asked me if I would be interested or if I knew of anyone. Said 100 or so for...
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    Falken AT3W's on sale

    Yes please report back on how you like them. Ride, noise levels ( I don't care but now the WIFE says if they are too loud she won't ride in it) LOL One way to keep her out of it I guess ! By the way what wheels are those ?
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    off road light housing

    Been running a pair of the FF 700s on the front of mine , well onto the third Jeep as of yesterday and they do a good job for what I use them for Had the 500s and sold them to a guy I didn't like .............
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    off road light housing

    Ran the 100 watt aircraft landing lights for years on every truck, 4x4 etc I had, always worked great and a long range beam Now you have me thinking of going back old school and cheap again! LOL
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    Falken AT3W's on sale

    Went to buy these tonight and the sale is off already , dang it knew I should of ordered right away!:(:(:mad:
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    2010 patriot soft roader build.

    Great job on the tow hooks, looks factory
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    Falken AT3W's on sale

    Thanks for the heads up, was just out pricing tires today and may have to try these on the buildup I'm doing now on one of my Grocery Getters