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  1. scottishpinz

    MB 1120 Coming to America! Purchase, Build and Now Travel!

    Just read this from the start. Fantastic!
  2. scottishpinz

    VW T5 4Motion Expedition Vehicle

    BF Goodrich AT KO2 tyres have been great. Saw us safely all the way to the arctic last winter as well as many motorway miles in between the gravel of Easter Europe.
  3. scottishpinz

    MAN FAE 9.136 Camper Truck

    Looks like you had fantastic adventure! Love Finland and will be travelling there in the winter again.....
  4. scottishpinz

    MAN FAE 9.136 Camper Truck

    This is a nice size truck. Not too big. Do you have any photos of inside the living are?
  5. scottishpinz

    UP around Europe

    Planning a new adventure... taking a VW UP! Volkswagen's smallest and cheapest car, all around northern Europe on un-made and gravel roads. Probably drive some of the classic 1000 Lakes roads in Finland as well as the gravel roads through Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. It is all...
  6. scottishpinz

    Lowly the Lorry. . .

    Great story. Love reading the regular updates and seeing the photos. Your speed is really high for that sort of truck. I appreciate you have vast distance to cover but here in UK Motorway maximum is 60 mph and on other roads 50 mph. Here in Scotland that figure is reduced to 40 mph! I am not...
  7. scottishpinz

    On The Road Home, Gelandewagen Ambulance Build Thread

    Devon This is a very exciting project! Can I give some input from my past experience with old underpowered military truck (Pinzgauer 710K) Watch the weight! It can add up quick when you put on a raising roof, add the furniture and all the kit you want to carry! Enjoy the simplicity. No on...
  8. scottishpinz

    G Wagen Ambulance Build Thread - OnTheRoadHome

    I have seen those trucks for sale here in UK, will be very interested to see how the build works out! Build thread in case anyone can't find it
  9. scottishpinz

    Lowly the Lorry. . .

    Great project, I'm sure you will work through all the practicalities :)
  10. scottishpinz

    I hate bondo....

    sorry, don't like the look of all that on the hood, especially the Peli-cases
  11. scottishpinz

    I hate bondo....

    Good honest restoration, like it!
  12. scottishpinz

    VW T5 4Motion Expedition Vehicle

    This summer was in Scandinavia again:
  13. scottishpinz

    VW Caddy What to do electrical wise.

    I recently saw a great little table to calculate battery needs. If I remember correct it is watts drawn x hours divided by 12 (for 12V car) = amp hours Hopefully with that you can work out your leisure battery needs. Are you adding a charging system so the batteries charge whilst driving...
  14. scottishpinz

    Decided to do a cargo/sleeping platform..

    Very neat. What are the dimensions in the back of the G Wagon, can you lie stretched out on the platform? I probably couldn't being nearly 2m tall!
  15. scottishpinz

    Troy Concept Vehicle

    I think sometimes part of the "Overland Camper" dream is not so much the vehicle but the world where one could explore. Imagine no traffic, wide roads, no parking restrictions.... I learned recently that the laws regarding wild camping and overnighting in vehicles around Iceland had changed. I...
  16. scottishpinz

    Troy Concept Vehicle

    Came across this It is fun to dream.....
  17. scottishpinz

    Name TBC - Sprinter 516 4x4 Build

    Interesting build. Do you have a layout sketch? Is this downsizing coming from a Vario or is the lwb Sprinter as big inside?
  18. scottishpinz

    Eastern Europe in winter

    Just completed a 1700 mile, three week round trip to Latvia. What was really a family visit for my girlfriend to see her mum was also a great overland (and water) trip for our camper. The journey started in Scotland and then south to Newcastle on England to catch a ferry to the continent. The...
  19. scottishpinz

    Cold weather Overlanding tips

    Vehicle preparation is key. Make sure antifreeze and screen wash are suitable for expected temperatures, then some. I usually start putting screen wash in neat (good for -40C) at this time of year. Sure it is not going to be that cold even when I head for Eastern Europe, but there is diluted...
  20. scottishpinz

    UK Vario 4x4

    I'm not in a position to acquire another vehicle just now so I'm hoping this goes to a good home. It would be my choice vehicle for a slightly larger camper than my VW T5 without going to the big 4x4 truck...