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  1. stingray1300

    WTB: Jeep Badge of Honor for Engineer Pass

    Hey guys and gals, I'm looking for the BoH badge for Engineer Pass, CO. Anybody have one to sell? PM me or email innov <dot> concepts <at> comcast <dot> net Thank you! Ray
  2. stingray1300

    Finally, a great adhesive for DIY and Professional use!

    It would be nice to be able to get a 6oz tube (or so) that one could toss in to the tool kit to use on the trail without the need for a tube gun.
  3. stingray1300

    Tepui Gran Sabana mattress & anti-condensation mat

    Thanks to those who have contacted me, but I've discerned that my being subtle needs tuning up. Let me rephrase my comments: Shipping is really out of the question. 1- I don't have the packaging to ship these items, and I'm not willing to spend the effort to custom package them. 2-...
  4. stingray1300

    Tepui Gran Sabana mattress & anti-condensation mat

    I have a Tepui Gran Sabana (same as the Autana 4) mattress and an anti-condensation mat for sale. $100 obo for both. Both in excellent condition. I'm in the SF Bay Area (East Bay). Best to pick up, as shipping would be a real pain. Please PM me, as I don't get on here as often as I'd like...
  5. stingray1300

    Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Roof Top Tent

    Last fall, I decided to try something to improve the ol' RTT. I finally got a couple of rolls of duct insulation. That aluminum floor does a great job of radiating cold... I'm talking about the 20ºF in the morning cold at Green River Lakes in Wyoming (8,000ft) in September. This past...
  6. stingray1300

    NEW RIG: 2012 F-150 FX4

    If the sipes are gone, that's probably the end off their effective life.
  7. stingray1300

    NEW RIG: 2012 F-150 FX4

    Mmm. They're right. Check TSB 12-11-15. The verbiage in 14-0017 states (regarding '13-'14s) "...built before 12/16/2013...". Basically they say to remove all the deflectors and reprogram the PCM. Calls for 0.5 hours. . Which engineering number do you have on the CAC? AB, AC or AD...
  8. stingray1300

    NEW RIG: 2012 F-150 FX4

    The very nature of a gas engine makes it more "slippery". I.e. "instant-on" power. Diesels ramp up power/torque, allowing for less wheel spinning. If you'll notice, there's "1" and a "2" on your console shifter pattern. The sole reason for the "2" is for low traction situations where a...
  9. stingray1300

    Fridge slide recommendation

    Exactly what fireball says. Make your own. $50 for a pair of 200# slides. $20 in angles and parts. I use a lynch pin to lock the slides. Only way to get less than $200 (ARB is like $400) . Here's my set up w/stove slide as well (need a better pic, I'll have to put the fridge slide back in...
  10. stingray1300

    My wheel base is so long...

    145" w.b.: Mengel Pass Death Valley: . Approaching Chicken Rock (Death Valley): . Engineer Pass Colorado:
  11. stingray1300

    2012 F-150 FX4 - Overland Build

    The F150 is an excellent platform for overlanding. Nice looking rig! We've overlanded from the Arctic Circle to G.C. North Rim in our '13. The best advice I will give you is to think carefully (VERY carefully) about anything and everything you buy for or do to your truck. The old adage "The...
  12. stingray1300

    ARB fridge monitor question.....

    How hard would it be to just email ARB directly to ask? Nice folks.
  13. stingray1300

    Zipper issues with tent cover.

    And after you do, use some paraffin wax on the zipper once a season. Keeps things working smoothly. And it's cheap!
  14. stingray1300

    Full size trucks on jeep trails advice

    I l-o-v-e a challenge! :sombrero: . Look up South Park (Briggs Cabin), Chicken Rock, Pleasant Canyon, Mengel Pass, Dedekera Canyon in Death Valley. Then, imagine a 79" wide, 145" w.b. crew cab F150 on them. And South Park (on the way to Chicken Rock) is the kind of trail where I was...
  15. stingray1300

    Ten questions for someone considering a Four Wheel Pop Camper

    This looks like Dedekera Cyn (?)
  16. stingray1300

    Highways of The North

    Awesome trip! I've been on all those roads, most of them twice or more, and never get tired of seeing photos of them (or wanting to go again). . But for those who go to the trouble of going all the way to Stewart/Hyder, do NOT make the mistake of passing on driving the 20 miles to Salmon...
  17. stingray1300

    Tepui Tent RTT

    Totally customer service related. They didn't know how to answer the phones, or return messages. Didn't know how to answer questions. "owner" (name withheld) failed a lot of folks who were counting on him. When I posted what happened, and his name came up (he used to peruse this forum), he...
  18. stingray1300

    Tepui Tent RTT

    It should all come down to one more, very important thing: customer service. Tepui is hands down heads and shoulders above CVT. I chased both companies, and CVT totally botched everything. Tepui bent over backwards. They got my money.
  19. stingray1300

    Custom RTT Mattress?

    I bought mine from RV and Off Road last year. Odd they wouldn't make them because of shipping (?). Just weird. I was never so happy with my Tepui as when I got rid of that awful foam mattress. (I had even added a 2" memory foam topper - and it was still awful. By morning, I always found my...
  20. stingray1300

    Camping vs Emergency equipment

    Just a quick thought on an earlier post regarding shutting off your electrical and gas: My mom, who started her insurance broker career "way back" in the insurance company my grandfather started in the 40s (and is still in business), advised that UNLESS you have earthquake insurance, if your...