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    WTB: Lifesaver Jerrycan FILTER ONLY — part # JSA102 (compatible with 20000UF and 10000UF)

    4 Gallons. They have the specs listed under the warranty information tab for the product.
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    WTB: Lifesaver Jerrycan FILTER ONLY — part # JSA102 (compatible with 20000UF and 10000UF)

    Go with HydroBlu jerrycan. US based company where you can actually talk to a human in the US. I had a Lifesaver and it leaked. I messaged the company and no one responded. Wrote a review on REI with pics of it leaking at the hand pump. Bought a HydroBlu instead. Cheaper filters, along with same...
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    The Status of Overlanding Today

    It appears most YouTube overlanders are already transitioning to making cooking shows.
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    Aftermarket/Third Party tarp/tent/awning poles

    Cooke Custom Sewing in MN makes some quality tarps made specifically for canoeing in BWCA. They also sell some high quality Easton poles. They also...
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    Announcement: Ecoflow Mini Wifi Review (portable battery & Solargenerator)

    I have been considering one of these mini wireless units for up in the roof top tent. Figure it might be nice for charging an iPad, running a small usb fan, or a 12v mattress pad heater. Costco had the River Pro for a really good price around the holidays. I picked one up along with the 160...
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    Trailer suspension Options pros/cons

    You could go Timbren with shocks.
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    2016 Overland Explorer Vehicles TDK Trailer for sale. *SOLD*

    Really nice looking trailer. I own one of these too, and don’t see these come up for sale often. I think there’s probably only around 15 trailers ever built from Overland Explorer over the years. These are very well built and since there is no wood used I don’t have to worry about rot. Sealed...
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    Really? A 12v oven?

    I have been contemplating the kick ass oven over the travel buddy. Looks to be a little better.
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    You need the leg extensions for the Kermit chair that they sell. This will fix all of your problems. I notice the chair sits a little more up-right with the leg extensions too.
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    New Bronco

    I didn’t convert either yet because the hype was wearing with all the delays and more delays if you order this or that package or option. I live in Minnesota and this was going to be my daily and winter driver. I don’t want to deal with rust more than I have to. The bumper is straight up ugly...
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    New Bronco

    I have had two reservation for a while now with two different dealers that I’ve been a little hesitant to move forward on as the more time that’s passed I’ve grown a little impatient with the Bronco delivery dates and issues arising for production. After seeing one in person at the local...
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    Camp shower advice needed

    Because I sweat so much, as young kid I was always captain of the shirts when playing sports. So taking a shower is something I’m fond of in my adult years. I started with the Eccotemp L5 found it too much hassle factor connecting all the screw on fittings, 12v pump and having to bring a small...
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    Recommendation for a <$200 camp BBQ?

    I’ve been happy with my Holland Companion grill. No longer made but still can find them on eBay. Much better than others that are listed. It costs a couple bucks more, but well worth it.
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    Go Fast Campers ripoff

    Thanks for posting this. I was considering there lightweight roof top tent for the Bronco, but after reading this not anymore. I don’t appreciate businesses who do this to customers.
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    Arctic and extreme cold weather gear

    I have bought a bunch from this small company out of Duluth Minnesota. Very good quality.
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    Zone RV Expedition trailer

    This setup is on the wrong side for North American campgrounds.
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    12v Movie Projector recommendations

    Maybe try using Tyvek as a screen strung between awning poles?
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    RTT Access through Sun Roof

    I have offered up my 4Runner to Ursa Minor for doing a prototype build, but they don’t think there would be enough people interested in cutting up there roof. Ever since I seen Andrew St Pierre White’s green troopy I’ve fallen in love with this option. Biggest reason why I just joined the...
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    What is the best solo canoe for portage trips?

    I agree, checkout Northstar canoes. They have a IXP material that is tough. There was a video last year where they were beating the hull with a hammer and no damage occurred. i have a Northstar Magic with carbon fiber and that’s been a great canoe for me and my dog.
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    MIssion Overland Trailer Owners page

    Nice setup you have. I’ve been looking at getting my 4Runner regeared, but I’m having a hard time figuring what ratio to go with. Curious if you had to do it over again would you still go 4.56 or would you go 4.88? Thank you.